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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I really want to like Spixie as a romantic couple, but I just can’t. To me, Spinelli has regressed the past few months and has gotten so much more childlike and “Spinelli-ish” than he was before. And Maxie talks the talk, but doesn’t seem to be showing me those feelings. Why would Spinelli think any woman would want to live with a roommate after she’s married? Just because he and Jason are attached at the hip does not mean that she should be, nor should she want to be. That’s what grown ups do when they get married. They move out of Mom and Dad’s house and begin their lives with their chosen one. They don’t continue to live in the regrettably pink room.


Maxie did give me my funny line of the day though:

Maxie to Spin: “Marriage is one plus one equals two. Not one plus one plus a hitman”

JaSam: I will give credit where credit is due and the absolute akwardness between the two as Sam was driving was well done. I also giggled when Sam pulled out the gun and smacked the heck out of the radio. As for the snuggling up and kissing, eh, that’s more of the same, ‘we’re both here, so let’s make out’ kind of thing.

Kristina/Michael: Color me surprised and glad that she finally told him the truth about possibly being the one to run Claudia off the road. I do have one bad thing to say though, which is that Kristina is not a good crier. Many actresses can make you feel their pain or fear in their tears, but I just wasn’t feeling it from her. Maybe that just comes with age.

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JOlivia: Good to see they still bring the heat, although I have to wonder if Olivia owns a bedroom.

Dante/Lulu: The chemistry is there if it isn’t forced. Today, I felt it was a little forced, like they were trying too hard with the witty banter. But I’m curious to see where it will go.

Nik/Rebecca: Ok, so I was fine with him messing with her head and was all gung ho for it, but once they did the deed, I got a little squicked out at how far he’s taking this. And I got even more creeped out when he was standing over her, watching her sleep with that scary Cassadine look on his face. Stavros anyone?

Line of the day:

Nikolas to Alfred: “She spit on Emily’s grave and she’ll soon realize that she’ll pay for that.”