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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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Mrs. Newman still has terrifying dreams of the "alive and well" Sabrina. Victor gets wind of her problems and convinces Ashley Sabrina's dead, prompting her to have a showdown with Adam.


The gumshoe confronts Victor on bringing Patty to town.  Adam shocks all when he stands up for his dad!


She's back onscreen within 2-3 weeks (YEAH!).

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She takes the heiress hostage!


The Abbott siblings talk about Ashley's mental health when Traci returns to town. They both agree its time for their big sister to see a doctor.

Nick/Sharon: As she's talking to mom Doris, Nick hears Sharon admit that he is her unborn daughter's father. He confronts her with this information and she finally admits the truth, but doesn't confess why she mislead Nick with her duplicity. He vows to be in his child's life and plans to go home to inform Phyllis of the news before she heads out of town. Unfortunately for big red, Nick is stuck in the facility when it goes into lock down!

Sharon and Nick open up to each other and he figures out why she never told him about their baby girl. The two understand that had Sharon come forward about being pregnant with his child, Nick and Phyllis wouldn't be together. Sharon insists Nick doesn't let the cat out of the bag regarding her baby's father.  He's finally able to get out of the facility and tries to tell Phyllis about the baby but keeps being cut off. Meanwhile, Jack finds out that Nick is aware he's the father of the baby and is crushed. 


He finally breaks down and fills the wife in on why he can't go back down under.  Cane got into some serious problems with cattle rustlers when he tried to lend a hand to a friend and the men are still out to get him. Cane still tries to fudge the truth to Lily, making her come to the conclusion she can't trust him.