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On Air On Soaps' Michael Fairman Casts Emmy Predictions

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Veteran soap journalist Michael Fairman gave his thoughts on who will take home the gold for the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards this Sunday. For Oustanding Drama Series, Fairman stated:


It's oxygen masks vs. heart valves vs. a twister in the unusual suspects for this year's biggest prize, The Outstanding Daytime Drama Series. While episode selection is the key to an Emmy win, since we are not judging the soaps on their body of work, we have to look solely at the shows entries. DAYS looks to take home its first Daytime Emmy in 31 years for its dizzying, and at times dazzling effects of a sea of beloved Salemites fighting to stay alive, and preparing themselves for a big crash. I will say one thing to Ed Scott and Ken Cordy ( co-executive producers). After viewing this episode, I don't want to board an airplane any time soon. Could a victory by DAYS put Higley-gate behind us? And the blood-letting that occurred late last year when long time vets were kicked to the curb? Looks like. Then there is "B&B", whose subject matter is emotionally wrought with human drama. Long brilliant story short... Katie is shot, needs a heart transplant, brother Storm accidentally shot her, and decides to save her, so he will commit suicide thus Katie has a matching donor heart. It was one of "B&B's" best show submission in years, and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) gave another winning performance that makes you wonder...will this lady ever get a nomination of her own? The only thing that hinders this a bit, maybe a few times where the dialog seems a bit preachy or trite.  And, will the voters go for a suicidal brother shooting himself for his sister? I think its a great plot twist.  Then there is, "Auntie Em, It's a twister. Right here in Pine Valley."  I am talking about All My Children's CGI effects for its highly promoted tornado episodes. When the twister hit, although some of the effects were cool, some weren't.  In the end, it left this viewer lackluster and cold.  But the academy nominated the series with 19 nods going into Emmy weekend.  It could just be the industry's darling episode.

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