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Crystal Chappell On GL's Last Day: "No Air Conditioning and all the Toilets Stopped Functioning"

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Crystal Chappell just gave a wonderful interview with TV Guide'sMichael Logan. In it she speaks about her new highly anticipated web-series Venice, her return to Days of Our Lives, and of course her time on Guiding Light. Crystal tells us exactly what it was like on the set of GL that last day and shares what Carly will be up to when she returns to Salem. Below is a snippet of the interview, but be sure to check out the full piece.


After roughing it on all those location shoots for GL—and changing your clothes in the back of cars—having a real dressing room at Days will be nice for a change, yeah?

And working toilets! On our final day at GL we had 45 cast and crew people working in a house in Peapack, New Jersey, on a 100-degree day in August with no air conditioning and all the toilets stopped functioning. So my attitude about the show coming to an end—besides a feeling of extreme loss—is enough already. If a show has flushable facilities, I’m your gal! That’s all I need. I’m very easy to please.

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