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BREAKING: Vincent Irrizary & Jeff Branson win Supporting Actor (Updated)

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All My Children's Vincent Irizarry and Guiding Light's Jeff Branson became the first actors since Debbi Morgan and Nancy Lee Grahn to tie for a win in an acting category.

Both night's winners have a connection to All My Children. In 2005 Branson received an Outstanding Supporting Actor nominating for his work as AMC's Jonathan Lavery. Vincent Irizarry–who has portrayed AMC's David Hayward off and on since originating the role in 1997–returned to AMC in 2008 and won his Outstanding Supporting Actor Award nearly a year later.

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Nominated against All My Children's Jacob Young, As the World Turns'Van Hansis and General Hospital's Bradford Anderson, Branson won his award after arriving on Guiding Light just before this year's eligibility period ended. Guiding Light was nominated in three acting categories, but Branson's Outstanding Supporting Actor Award was its only win in an acting category.

In his acceptance speech, Irizarry dedicated his Emmy to his son Ash serving in Afghanistan saying,

To you Ash, and to your other brave brothers and sisters in arms right now, thank you. Come home safe. Come home soon. 

He then went on to thank his wife, his other children and the other people, not just in front of the camera, but behind it as well.


Vincent Irrizary - All My Children

Jacob Young - All My Children

Van Hansis - As the World Turns

Bradford Anderson - General Hospital

Jeff Branson - Guiding Light

Photo Credit: Vincent Irizarry - Photo by PR Photos

Photo Credit: Jeff Branson - Jeff