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Daytime Emmys Salutes Guiding Light (Updated)

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Betty White introduced the tribute to Guiding Light and its 72 record-breaking years on radio and television. I watched this segment with great anticipation because as everyone knows, Guiding Light is my heart. When the tribute started with one of the old Guiding Light Logos and the lighthouse, a smile flashed across my face. Memories of watching this show with my grandmother came flooding back. However, as the tribute went on, my smile and memories quickly faded into disappointment, hurt, and anger.

Why did most of the tribute feature clips from the new production model? I'm sorry but when I think of My Guiding Light, I don't think of this new production model and all it's stories. I think of the Guiding Light of the past. The Guiding Light that was lush, glamour, and characters I truly cared about. I know Kim Zimmer's famous Slut of Springfield scene was included in the package, but where was Beverlee McKinsey's famous Country Club scene of Alex ripping Roger Thorpe a new one? Hell, where was Roger Thorpe? There were so many crucial scenes missing from that package, it was shameful. However, for what it was worth the video tribute wasn't all bad but it could have been much better.


After the video tribute finished, the entire cast of Guiding Light appeared on stage. At this point in the broadcast, I'm about to tear up because the cancellation of my grandmother's show start to set in. However, just as I was really about to get into seeing the full cast on stage, they were gone! The CW went to commercial in what seemed like the middle of the Guiding Light tribute! I went through the roof and started screaming obscenities at the television. Why didn't somebody from the cast, preferably Kim Zimmer or Robert Newman, say something to the audience about the show. Why didn't we get a close up of the Guiding Light cast? We saw them come out, and then the camera pulled out. I would have loved to have seen their faces. Most of all, Why didn't the longest running television drama EVER get enough time to say a proper goodbye to the industry that served them for72 years?

Overall, I was disappointed in the Guiding Light tribute on The Daytime Emmys. It is a sin and a shame that Sesame Street recevied a longer tribute than Guiding Light! I just hope that the finale of Guiding Light can bring justice to the show I've watched my entire life.

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