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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Since I didn’t get a chance to post about Thursday or Friday, and I just finished watching both episodes, plus today back to back, everything is all blended in together. So, my apologies for that.


Loved, loved, loved the Johnny/Claudia fight. It was well written and well played by both Brandon Barash and Sarah Brown. It was also very soapy. He’s so angry with her and tired of her silliness and she’s still trying so hard to have him see her way. Kudos to both actors there.

However, I’m not sure what they’re doing with Claudia. Every time she finds out someone new is responsible for the accident, she has the same reaction. “Michael killed my son?” “Alexis killed my son?” “Kristina killed my son?” At some point I expect her to just go, “Eh, let me know when you know for sure who it is, so I can save some tears. I’m getting dehydrated over here.” Although, by the looks of today, her reaction with Sonny and Carly’s comments to Jax about it, clearly makes me think she’s about to go postal on someone.

Loved that we have a solution in the Kate/Crimson/blackmail story. I like when they tie up lose ends, and it would make sense for Jax to help her out.

Loved that Morgan wasn’t giving Keifer the time of day, but I would cringe every time Molly did. You could see how she’s a little infatuated with her older sister’s boyfriend. Kudos to the actress for that. I wasn’t happy with how cozy Alexis was with him today. I would have thought that Alexis Freakin’ Cassadine’s bullshit meter would have been at maximum with the little punk.

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JaSam showing up and finding Micheal and Kristina was rather anticlimactic, but I really want this “kids on the run” story to end so badly. Hated when Micheal was all, “Jason, I’m not going back”. I really wanted Jason to be all, “listen you little punk, I got shot twice in order to bring your ass back home and I’m bringing your ass back home.” Or in Jason’s case it would be, “blink, blink, angry blink, blink.”

Does Andrea have a job or does she spend all her days hanging out at either the hospital or the DA’s office. Loved Nikolas pulling out the Cassadine-ness to get Alexis out of trouble.

Olivia needs to stop dragging Dante to her place for the daily “you have to leave” chat. And Dante needs to stop going. Every time she opens the door, he’s all, “you have to stop ordering me over here, Ma”. Well, stop going!!

Unintentionally funny lines of the day:

Sonny to CarJax about Dante: “He’ll be like an older brother to Michael and Morgan. It’s not like he’s going to police them”

Yeah, I groaned, but then I giggled.