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LIVE BLOGGING: The 36th Annual Daytime Emmys

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Hey y'all! It's Mel here to bring you all things related to the 36th Annual Daytime Emmys! Just waiting for the show to come on and see DC's Own Jamey Giddens! Let's Do This!

A very nice super cheese intro and the skyline of LA!

Im not sure how I feel about this dress Lara Spencer has on!

Bryton looks good in all white!

La Lucci is looking FABULOUS!!!! But when does she not! Check out the all you wanted to know about Susan Lucci bar on the bottom of the screen! It's 105 degrees in Texas too!


Tamara Braun looks Awesome!! Love love love that dress!

Montel looking very professional! Can't go wrong with that!

Watch Jamey work!!! GET IT JAMEY!! I know he's not talking right now but I can't help myself!

The panel of experts is wanting Peter Reckell to win but the majority think Christian LeBlanc will win. I think so too!

Oh Look it's Texas Battle! I don't watch B&B but I can see why everybody says he can't act. I know it's the real him but that baby doesn't seem to know where he is.

Dr. Phil. If he starts lecturing people I'm hitting the mute button. What in the high holy hell is his wife wearing?!? As Jamey would say...Jesus Take the Wheel!

Oh LAWD!! Stacy Haiduk had her kitty!!! She is too much! I guess she couldn't leave the house without her pussy...

Vampire Diaries looks interesting....maybe I'll check it out!

Did y'all hear Lara Spencer asking Gina Tognoni to say her last name?!?! If you don't know how to say her name you have NO BUSINESS on the red carpet!

Alex Trebek in all white. Is it all white day at the Emmy's?

Yes, Appleridge it was pre-taped.

I don't give a CRAP about the carpet. Give me the fashion!

I LOVE Gina's HAIR!!!!!! What's the deal with her and this big bow... U need to see the full dress before I give my opinion.

Kristian Alfonso is lookin VERY Chic!

Was that Bobbie Eakes lookin like a piece of gold aluminum foil in the split screen?!?! Lawd Have Mercy!

I think Anthony Geary wears the same suit to the Emmy's every year! He still looks good though!

I like this white dress Chrishell Stause has on! She's so tiny! Look at that BACK! Get it GUH!

Look it's Aunt Becky!!! Sorry, I'm an old school full house fan. Lori Laughlin looks good too but she could have got out of the tanning bed 10 or 20 minutes earlier!

Really it's LIVE TV?!?! Really Lara. Then how were you talking to Lori and then all of a sudden talking to Darin Brooks. Who looks like a cutie I might add? Lara Spence is getting real close to being on the "Baby, you got to GO" list!

Commercials Commercials! I never did like em! 90210 is back Sept. 8th. Blah Blah Blah.

Tyra didn't you used to be a model?!?! That's not a model dress you have on! Im NOT impressed!

I KNOW this heifer did NOT just ask Tyra if that was her real hair?!?

Ricky is lookin nice!

JAMEY AGAIN!!!! Lookin Fabulous! It's so nice to put a face to a name. I want Debbie to win again but I too think Jeanne will pull it out!

Ellen! I know you don't do the dress thing, but you usually comb your head?!? Shame.

Rick "Beat Me, Whip Me, Make You Say My Name" Hearst is lookin mighty sharp on the red carpet minus his chewing gum! Lookin like a cow chewing cod! My momma would have my hide if she saw me on LIVE national tv chewing gum let alone with my mouth open!

Was Wendy Williams' dress yellow or lime green?!?! Either way it's SCREAMING "Look at me! Look at me! I'm walking here!"

Daniel Cosgrove is making me want to get up and LICK my screen! HAWT! Anyone notice how E.J. Bonilla wasn't sure what category he was in! Jesus Take the Wheel!

JAMEY!!!! He is DOING WORK at the Emmy's! GET IT!!!

If AMC wins for that terrible Tornado non-sense there is no justice in this world!

BIG BIRD!!!!! And Elmo! Sorry, when I watched Sesame Street it was all about Big Bird!

Look at my girl Mandy Bruno in that split screen! I LOVE her dress!

Did y'all see Marcy Rylan! She's so adorable pregnant! She's got that glow.

Why do these babies in the Kmart commercial act better than the younger cast on GL and AMC for that matter?

Is it just me or are these commercial breaks getting longer and LONGER??

Erik Estrada! I thought Chips was a primetime show...If his wife bends over, the girls will escape their cage...

Jennie Garth is wearing a red/orange potato sack with a sparking broach. Interesting. Im not gonna comment on her hair. It speaks for itself...

There are SO many things I could say about these babies talking to Lara right now...but since their babies I'll hold my thoughts.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to have Lara Spence do a live red carpet show needs to be hit upside the head....repeatedly!

Somebody needs to tell that baby Kyle Massey to push back from the table! Should be shame of himself running of Coldstone ice cream like that.

Now on to the Live Show!

YAY for the muppets!

Is this Dream Girls or The Daytime Emmy's!

Poor Vanessa Williams had that one hit and she never got over it. You ever notice she sings anytime she gets a chance. She can sing, I'll give her that, but I can go without this mess! Of all the HOTTIES in the house, you pick RON MOSS!!!  Mercy!

Last years opening to the Emmys was about 10 million times better than this! OMG OTALIA!!!!!

I'm mad they showed Ellen Degeneres after the Otalia kiss! There's somethng wrong with that!

Vanessa Williams is looking HOT!!

Best Supporting Actor Coming up!

Any Guesses y'all??

I see Jacob Young has his head shaved for the cancer story!

Bradford Anderston is such a little cutie! Not Hot but a cutie in a nerdy way!

Jeff Branson makes me want to do naughty NAUGHTY things to him!

The winners are....

A TIE!!!!




A very nice speech by Vincent! Love how he mentioned the vets!

YAY for Jeff!! But who was that baby that called him Shayne Lewis! Just imagine what I'm saying! Nice Speech from Branson!

Thoughts about the Tie?? Drop me a line in the comments!

What's the deal with this GH Carnival from Hell Promo?? This will either be very good or very bad!

Vanessa Williams is looking FIERCE in that pink dress!

Heather Tom looks like she can't move and/or breathe in that dress of hers! Just No for the dress! Just NO!

Cash Cab wins the Outstanding Game Show Award! I love that show!

I don't eve watch GH but I want Kirsten Storm to win!! I really want her to take off those white feathers growing out of her dress though. I know she wanted to spice up the little black dress but it ain't working!

That little girl Bindi is just like her daddy Steve Irwin!

Rachael Ray wins for Outstanding Talk Show!

JOSH AND REVA!!! Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman looking FABULOUS!! I'm so happy about Kim Zimmer's dress! If you watch GL, you know why!

Oustanding Younger Actress is here.

The Winner is...


Didn't see that one coming y'all!

Kim Zimmer and Kristen Storms virtually had the same dress on. Kim wore it better thought. IMO!

If I see these babies one more time so help me....

Debbie Morgan is looking at Kyle like "Ok, Minor! You better gone somewhere!"

Kevin Clash wins for Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series!

Dr. Phil's wife has her HOOKA HOOKA shoes on!

The AMC package for Best Daytime Drama!

The only week I have ever watched AMC  was when Angie and Jessie came back! It was AWESOME!! they better have the clip where he picks her up against that door right before he gives her the business in here!

Tyra Banks is going on and on about fashion! Let's see what we're working with.

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Shelly Henning is getting it in that dress!

Becky Herbst looks cute in that dress. Tyler is looking HAWT too!

Chrishell Stause has a BANGING BODY!!!

Christel Khalil's outfit is.....interesting. She looks hot though!

I don't know what to make of Wooden's dress!!!

Ewa De Cruz's dress is FIERCE and she looks FIERCE in it!

Mark Lawson just made me LICK my screen in those dress whites!!

Susan Lucci doing it BIG like only she can!! GET IT DIVA!!

WTF?!?! Where's GL!!!! This is a shame before the soap gods!

The poor starving children in Africa! Makes me want to five them money I don't have so they can eat.

How do we go from High Fashion to Starving Children?? There could have been a better place for this segment in the show!

Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann!

Presenting Best Supporting Actress!

The winner is...


Didn't see that one coming either! And by the looks of things neither did Tamara!

After Tamara's speech, I need to call my mother and tell her I love her!

James Scott and Jay Kenneth Johnson are looking HOT!!

Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team!

The Winner is...


They deserve it! Fantastic Show!

Frank Valentini just gave an awesome. Thanking the vets and I like what he said about Family!

Elizabeth Hendrickson and Billy Miller are looking Faboosh!! Oh Billy Miller!! I might just pass out he's so beautiful! They are presenting Outstanding Informative Talk Show.

The winner is...

The Tyra Banks Show wins for Outstanding Informative Talk Show!

Why does Tyra Banks always pretend to be Hood when she gets on the Emmy's! Shake My Head!

Oscar the Grouch not being in a trash can bothers me....

Kristoff St. John is looking Very Classy tonuight!

Kristen Alderson STAY AWAY from the Tanning Bed! And why did she do that to her hair or maybe it's just her tan.

Oustanding Younger Actor!

The winner is...


I'm even excited for this one!!!! Congrats to Darin!

LOL at Darin swearing and the Emmy's basically telling him to go with the music!

Good Morning Amercia wins for something. I missed it! Probably Morning News show! I have no idea!

Dear Dr. Phil, STFU!!!

The Days of Our Lives Emmy Package coming up!

Sandra Oh cracks me up! She is a very versatile actress! But she needs to TAKE OFF that dress she has on! Who dresses some of these people!

Sesame Street Package coming up! Rubber Duckie, your the one! COOOOKKKKIIIEEEE!!! I love Cookie Monster!

I bet Anderson Cooper was all kinds of pissy nasty mad for having to fake do the news in a Trash Can! I know it's for the children but still.....

Sesame Street still makes me happy to this day! True Story: When I was little everytime I went to the grocery store with my Grandma I would bust out in "Sunny Day, Everything's A-Ok!"

Why does Thorsten Kaye look like he wants to kill the Sesame Street Characters! Come on man! How can you mean mug Sesame Street!

The lady's dress who is accepting the award for Sesame Street is WAY to easy to go hard on!

Commercials Commercials! I STILL don't care! Give me more Emmys!

Vanessa Williams is singing again! And I DON'T care! I like the dress she has on though!

I know y'all saw him grab her ass!

Lori Loughlin and Jennie Garth Present for

Outstanding Talk Show Host!

The winner is....


WTF?!? The View Hosts aren't there....since when!

Oustanding Drama Series Writing Team!

The winner is....


One Life To Live you were robbed!

Is it just me or did that last segment just FLY by! I think I got Whiplash!

I'm still tripping that GH won over OLTL for writing! No Justice in this world!

Melissa Claire Eagen is looking very elegant tongiht!

Oustanding Game Show Host!

The Winner is...



I LOVE Betty White!

Let's see if I can hold it together during this GL Tribute! I bet I won't thought


Do y'all hear the music!!! HOLD ON TO LOVE!!!! The way it should be!!

WTF WTF WTF!!!! Why did it get cut short!!!! This is A SHAME!!

Why did Sesame Street get a longer segment then the LONGEST RUNNING TELEVISION DRAMA EVER!!!! There is something seriously wrong with that. What they just did to GL was very disrespectful and shows just what the big problem is with this industry!

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm PISSED about the GL Tribute!

Outstanding Lead Actress!

The winner is....


I can accept this one. Susan was AWESOME last year on OLTL!

Awwww she loves her HUBBY!! Susan is starting to break me down!


Outstanding Lead Actor!

The winner is...


Let's be real. Was anyone really surprised?

Dr. Phil don't you have a doughnut to go eat somewhere!! Or have somebody to go try to help. Just show me the B&B package!

The Bold and The Beautiful Package!! It's Hot...and I don't even watch that show.


The Emmy Goes To...


They finally won!!!

HOLD THE HELL ON!!! We don't even get to see Bead Bell speak?!?! WHO PRODUCED THIS MESS?!?!?! This is a sin and a shame!!! To steal a line from Jamey: Somebody needs to be taken out back and HORSEWIPPED!!!! First GL and now B&B doesn't even get to make Speech!! I'm thoroughly disgusted with the Show!!!

And that's it from The 36th Annual Daytime Emmys! I had fun Live Blogging and I hope y'all did too. Thanks for joining me! Love y'all!