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Regan Checking In & Some General Hospital Scoop Too!

Hey DC’ers! I’ve missed you all but I’ve also missed a ton of Daytime TV and have been playing catch up all weekend. Since I have a head start on a lot of the General Hospital storylines, I’ve been focusing on catching up with the peeps in Llanview and I am not disappointed! One Life to Live is on fire and I’m loving every minute of it.


The JaSam fans got their wish, that episode got the delete off my DVR. I’m happy for their fans as you all know I love you despite your pairing affiliation but I’m still recovering and I was afraid that episode would set me back. Just kidding! Even with my advanced knowledge of most of what’s happening in Port Chuckles, I still may have missed something so when I start dishing a little, I may cover some things that have already hit the screen.

First, let’s talk Emmys. I got to hang with the DC gang last night and record the Emmy podcast. It was a great time and a fitting podcast to make my return! I love my GH but that golden lady for writing was in the wrong hands. I also would have preferred the other blonde one standing up there with a win for younger actress. If you were on Twitter with us last night you saw my sigh of relief when Tony Geary did not win and I was over the moon with Susan Haskell’s trip to the stage to pick up her Emmy! Overall the telecast was a little weak, way too rushed and didn’t show any respect to Guiding Light or The Bold and the Beautiful. Both shows deserved their moment and both were victims of the cut off. I know that Friends re-run was way more important than B&B being allowed to utter a simple “thank you.” I can’t end my little Emmy opinion recap without mentioning The View. None of them could attend? I get that after being locked out year after year you get a tad bit discouraged but one of the ladies should have been in attendance. Tacky ladies, tacky.

Jamey called in with a little scoop from the red carpet. Bradford Anderson dished that the Spixie wedding had been filmed. Will they make it to man and wife or will Maxie’s cold feet and anxieties get in the way? Speaking of Jamey, how great was he? I always said he’d be famous someday. Two years ago I stood on the Emmy red carpet and from a fan’s perspective it was pretty cool. I can only imagine how giddy Giddens was interviewing the stars! I gotta give some props to Melodie and Jillian who blogged their hearts out last night. You two were great!

Shall we Scoop a bit? First, it looks like the Emmy telecast did alright in the ratings department for The CW. Will it have a new home on The CW or will ABC take their turn in the rotation? Word is the will! In my opinion, ABC produces the best Daytime Emmys out of the bunch. Kudos to ABC for the well placed and well targeted carnival promo for General Hospital. They definitely catered to The CW audience but where was the love for All My Children and One Life to Live? One step forward, two steps back.

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Let’s get back to the issue at hand…General Hospital SPOILERS! The carnival kicks off this week and as with every GH stunt, yes I am completely ready to be back on the Port Charles train with my eyes glued to the TV. Apparently even after a couple months off, I’m still a sucker. Eddie Q is drugged and running his car right through the carnival. Who will be hurt, who will die and who is behind it all? Andrea Floyd is the one drugging the Quartermaine patriarch after PC’s first lady learns that Edward saw her leaving the MetroCourt the day Brianna Hughes died.  Who is Claudia staring at on that stretcher? Is Sonny hurt trying to protect Kristina? Did Sonny finally interact with his daughter? Remember, I’ve been on a hiatus.


Jake is hurt! It looks like Jason and Elizabeth’s son will be ok but will it bring Lucky and Liz closer? Will Jason see Elizabeth in a lip lock with Nikolas when he goes to check on his son? Are we finally getting that brother vs. brother storyline?


He looks like a carny, might as well play one on TV. Ethan works a booth at the carnival. Rebecca and Nikolas go together but what game is the Cassadine Prince playing?

RANDOM RUMORS… Will Olivia have to tell the truth about Dante when a classic soap twist hits? Is someone lurking at the carnival? Matt misses the carnival. Who will be The Jackal’s best man? That shouldn’t even be a question! Is Alexis fingered as the one who drugged Edward?

It's great to be back! I'll be dipping my toes in this week and hopefully I'll be diving in next week.