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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 09.01.09


September already! Two months away from sweeps and General Hospital is going to throw us into one of their stunts which kicks off at the end of this week and really heats up by next Tuesday. Anyone afraid of clowns? Apparently Spinelli is…

Carly’s bun in the oven…
Is it popping? RUMORS have some contractions starting but will Jax’s baby be joining the cast soon? What about the RUMBLES that TPTB are returning to the couples that have worked in the past? Does that mean we’re in store for Carly and Sonny Round 1,000,000? I hope not, I actually like CarJax.

Speaking of going back to what works… I suppose that’s all in the eyes of the beholder. Most of GH’s pairings have run their course for me. Plenty of fans are SPECULATING that the debacle that is Rebecca Shaw will be fixed allowing for a Nikolas-Emily reunion. What would that mean for Nikolas and Elizabeth? I’m still on the fence with Niz, my Liason loving heart just can’t let go. I am once again very thankful for fanfic. My two cents? I think they are going back to some pairings that they think work. LL2 MAY be one of those couples however, it SEEMS they are going to milk this brother vs. brother storyline as much as they can. Here’s my question for all of you: IF Elizabeth and Nikolas are a hit, what would you like to see for Lucky? A little action with Kelly Lee? I’ve always said Sarah needs to return to town. If they’re going with brother vs. brother how about we add a little more sibling rivalry with sister vs. sister?

Are Dominic and Lulu the next great thing? It seems that every new boy in town goes through Lulu – camp first. Logan, Johnny, now Dominic/Dante. Lulu obviously needs something to do but the thought of her and Johnny dating mother and son sort of creeps me out. RUMOR has it Dominic lets his secret out to Lulu. Will she spill? Two months on hiatus and still all these damn secrets, ugh.

We talked about ZaCrazy in the comments yesterday. Is he returning? Some say yes and it looks like Sonny and Claudia will finally agree on something: dear old dad has got to go, for good.

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The classic Spencer-Cassadine feud revisited? When Hells and Luke return to town two more newbies MAY be with them. One is the brunette we’ve been talking about, the other COULD be a Cassadine (or at least a Cassadine connection) named Vlad (wasn’t that Luke’s nickname for Stefan?). Hmmm… that makes sense now, all this talk that Nikolas’ uncle was making a return. Back to the feud, as we all know DC’s Luke Kerr loves the Cassadines… COULD the brunette beauty – looks like her character name is Mischa – be connected to Luke’s son Ethan? What about the other two Spencer spawns? Lulu has her story with Dante, Lucky will have Jake’s injury and Elizabeth and Nikolas to contend with; is this a Cassadine-Spencer battle just for Luke and Ethan?

I mentioned secrets above and if you’re a regular or even casual reader of my column you know all these secrets have been killing me. It’s not the secret per say but the lack of pay off because it takes so damn long for these secrets to come out. According to Emmy winner Bob Guza (it pains me to say that) the carnival will bring us “closer” to some of the secrets coming out. Closer? Geez Guza, stop hanging on to these secrets.

Over and out…Martha Byrne’s run on GH. Andrea Floyd is her own worst enemy as her drugging of Eddie Q leads to her own death at the carnival. Dominic/Dante is hit when he pushes baby brother Morgan out of the way. Is this why Olivia MAY have to spill her secret? I mentioned a classic soap opera twist yesterday that COULD have Olivia telling the truth about everything.

Jake goes missing… who finds him? Elizabeth and Lucky take the boys to the carnival for a fun filled family day. When Jake wanders off will it turn to a tragedy? SPOILERS say Jason, Elizabeth and Lucky are the ones to locate the toddler but what about the NIZ kiss? Well it appears that once Jake is at GH, Nikolas checks in on Elizabeth and one thing leads to another. This SHOULD be what Jason walks in on.

Who else is feared to be dead, injured or missing at the carnival? Molly, Kristina and Morgan however it appears all will be OK. As I mentioned yesterday, the child on the stretcher SHOULD be one of Molly’s friends. Another death? Possibly the assistant DA.

Burn Baby Burn… and no, it’s not Disco Inferno. RUMORS have Spixie’s wedding day going up in flames. Will that melt Maxie’s frozen feet?