The View Hosts Will Accept Emmy on Season Premiere

Word at the ABC mothership is that mostly everyone involved with The View was thunderstruck when Whoopi, Babs, Elisabeth, Joy and Sherri actually managed to win the Emmy last night for their daily hostessing duties. Folks at the Network were rather riled up when the show failed to get a nomination for “Outstanding Talk Show” (I mean, really? The butternut squash that is Rachael Ray is better???) after a stellar political season. So, assuming they’d lose YET AGAIN, none of the ladies of daytime’s most infamous round-table bothered making the trip to L.A. for this year’s downmarket, bargain-basement Emmy broadcast.

But never ones to shy away from a little publicity, they’re going to be accepting their Emmy and giving a “speech” when they return from Summer break next Tuesday, September 8th. The only thing we can hope is that they all wear beautiful Emmy gowns for the entire broadcast. No one sparkles more than Babs Walters in a floor-length sequin frock and kitten heels.


Do you think it was tacky for them not to have attended? I mean, they could have just sent upcoming guest co-host Kathy Griffin as a surrogate for the team, Sasheen-Littlefeather-style. You know Kathy would have used the podium to generate some headlines.

Photo Credit: ABC