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Brad Bell On His Unaired Daytime Emmy Acceptance Speech

After winning Outstanding Drama at last Sunday's Daytime Emmy Awards, The Bold and the Beautiful's head writer/executive producer Bradley Bell was a victim to time constraints on the CW's live broadcast. His acceptance speech was unceremoniously cut off, but Brad seems to be taking it all in good spirits. He had this to say to Entertainment Tonight:


I thanked the cast and crew and everyone involved in the show, CBS, Barbara Bloom, Margot Wain, the writers and directors. The two leading ladies in my life: my mother and co-creator of the show Lee Phillip Bell and my wife Colleen. When I was thanking the writing team, I said, 'And the writer who is with us in every scene that we write and who is with us tonight in spirit my father Bill Bell.'

Losing out on the Outstanding Writing award to General Hospital didn't leave Bell with much hope for the Outstanding Drama category:

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All My Children had a big tornado and 'Days' had a big event [a plane crash], so I thought they would wow people with their production, but I thought our writing was so solid we would win that. And when we didn't win that, I thought the odds of us winning best show were very slim, since we had never won best show, and it didn't seem as if things were going our way, I was in complete shock. We are still buzzing. It is so much fun winning.