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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I have never been a fan of Michael’s, but I have loved

Drew Garrett

since he started, and I thought he did a bang up job today. I liked the tentativeness with Carly when he showed up at home. And I liked that he told Jax the truth about Jerry, even though Jason told him not to. I don’t like that we’re about to get some strange memory that will somehow implicate Jax in the whole Jerry/Claudia debacle.

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Why would Spinelli have a cardboard cut out of Jason? That’s weird and creepy all at the same time. It would have made more sense if he’d just been talking to Jason’s jacket.

Edward/Andrea: I find it hard to believe that Edward is only now mentioning seeing Andrea at the Metrocourt on the night of the murder. That seems too conveniently contrived by the writers at the last second. I wish it would have been mentioned weeks ago, like in a scene between Edward and Monica, discussing the mayor and his indiscretions, with Edward saying he saw Andrea that day. Then when it came up now between Edward and Andrea it wouldn't have seemed so out there. It’s called laying the foundation, writers. Look it up.

Loved all the scenes between the Cassadine/Davis/Lansing/McCall girls. When you see them all together like that, you realize what a good job the casting department did when hiring the nuKristina and nuMolly.

I get why Sam was angry with Alexis, that Alexis is being too soft on Kristina and I wish they weren’t writing Alexis as such a ditz. However, I did find it rather ironic that Sam went to Jason (the career criminal who always manages to get off on a technicality) to go on about how Kristina should pay for her crimes.

Sonny/Jason: For once, just once, I would like Sonny to take his head out of his butt long enough to believe something that Jason is telling him. I’m not a fan of Jason’s, but even I’m annoyed that he got the brush off again. Jerry’s a lying liar who lies, why would he tell Jason the truth? Why is Jason the only one who sees it?

I liked the Kristina/Sonny scene even though I couldn’t help noticing that it was the first scene together since she’s been SORASed. For the first time, her tears got to me, and I felt her fear and remorse.

Am I seeing some minor chemistry between Olivia and Jax??