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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I find it interesting how I flip flop on Kristina. Yesterday she had the right amount of remorse and tears for me, and today, not so much. When Max walked in the room and she was all, “yeah, Dad and I are talking”, it was such a teenager thing – like no ones more important that her. I had to chuckle when Sonny said, “uh honey, run along and play while we important people discuss important grown up stuff.” Well, what he actually said was, “here’s some money, go buy yourself something frilly to absolve you of the guilt of killing your baby brother”, but same diff! Also, Kristina’s absolutely cavalier attitude towards the whole situation, when she was on the phone on the pier, just blew me away. Then she turned on the puppy dog face as soon as she saw Claudia. Granted, everyone seems to have given her a pass, but I would think her conscience would twinge just a little.

I wonder if having Kristina behave like such a little punk is designed to make us feel bad for Claudia, and thereby redeem Claudia. Because I felt a twinge of it in that scene.

I liked the Spixie enthusiasm towards JaSam, but I felt Maxie was laying it on a little thick. Berating Jason, then running after Sam and then basically forcing Jason to call Sam. It feels a little forced to me.

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I felt bad for Spinelli when he was going on about Jason being the one to stand up for him, as I realized Spin really has no other friend that could be his best man if Jason didn’t accept it. But at the same time, it’s not like Spinelli is interested in making friends with anyone else. Some characters are still sort of stuck in a cocoon.

Loved the Micheal/Dante scene – well done on everyone’s part. I wasn’t happy when Dante showed up at Olivia’s. Didn’t he just say he hates it when she summons him because it will blow his cover? And yet he shows up on his own. Oy.

Although Dante did give me the funny line of the day:

Dante: “You got any lasagna or anything?”

DZ’s puppy dog tone of voice just made me laugh.

Gee. I wonder if Edward will get into a car accident at the carnival. Heck, I wonder if something bad will happen at the carnival. Let’s just say, Monica called it.