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36th Annual Daytime Emmys' Best and Worst Dressed


The 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards red carpet had a lot of fashion hits and misses. Daytime Confidential's Regan and Jillian make their Best and Worst Dressed picks. Find out why Jillian chose Van Hansis, Jon Hensley and Jacob as her worst dressed men after the jump.

Jillian's Pick: Worst Dressed Men

With the scarf and bowl hat Jacob Young looked like a pimp, confused between reforming or going back to his life of crime. Even though it was the Daytime Emmys, it was an award show and Jon Hensley should've dressed the part instead of donning something you would wear to a school play or family reunion. Van Hansis appeared as a frat boy, wearing his first suit at a formal event. The Sonny Crocket look can only be sported by Don Johnson!

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Regan's Pick: Worst Dressed Men


Too many to count – far too many men looked like they just plucked a suit out of their closet. Some didn't even appear to brush their hair. Winsor Harmon in his way too shiny suit; Van Hansis thinking this was a Saturday Night Fever costume party; Ron Moss in blue velvet in late August and what in the world was Jacob Young thinking? Who else wasn't thinking? Greg Rikaart. Did he have plans to shoot some hoops after the awards?

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Jillian's Pick: Best Dressed Man


Galen Gering was sexy, cool and dapper in his tux.

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Regan's Pick:  Best Dressed Men


Christian LeBlanc, a classy winner in a classic tux. Another class act was Ricky Paul Goldin, also in a classic tuxedo.

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Find out who tied as Jillian's Worst Dressed Women on the next page.

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Jillian's Pick:  Worst Dressed Women

We all know the grand dame of The Young and The Restless has the tendency to dress eclectic to award shows, but this time Jeanne Cooper dressed as though she was out of electricity and was back in the old west with a fringed get up over a nice all white pant suit.The animal look is great for certain occasions, but Brenda Dickson's too tight snakeskin getup was garish and uncalled for.

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Regan's Pick: Worst Dressed Women

Unfortunately, there were many to choose from, but Brenda Dickson surely stands out. Rachel Melvin's dress had way too much going on and I have to say some of these Daytime Divas looked like they went to their closets and just threw whatever on.

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Find out who tied as Jillian's Best Dressed Women on the next page.


Jillian's Pick: Best Dressed Women

Terri Colombino brought an elegant old Hollywood look to the award show. Melissa Claire Egan's dress exuded a chic and sophisticated look for battling a hot day.

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Find out whicn actress Regan chose as Best Dressed and who came in a close second.


Regan's Pick: Best Dressed Women

My Best Dressed is hands down All My Children'sChrisell Stause. That white hot cut out number was, well, white hot! Coming in a very close second for me was Tamara Braun in her backless dress.

Do you agree or disagree with Regan and Jillian? Who were your Best and Worst dressed actors on the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards red carpet? Visit Daytime Confidential's Red Carpet page to see daytime's assemblage on the red carpet.

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