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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Alright, alright, I liked the Jason/Carly scene today – Carly’s realization that Sam was back in the picture and then basically hyperventilating. I liked Carly’s acknowledgement that Sam understands and accepts Jason’s way of life, and if she, Carly, can’t run around with him, then Sam is right for the part. I also liked that Carly pointed out, accurately, that Sam would run if Jason pushed too hard. And I will say that I liked the Jason/Sam scene at the end, where she tried to get out of going to the carnival, but he wouldn’t let her. Of course, I’ll deny I said anything nice about JaSam!!

Ok, as annoyed as I get by Spinelli’s childishness (and I say childishness, not child-likeness), I did give a laugh when he walked in dejected, dressed like a clown. The look on both Jason and Sam’s faces was priceless. However, I have a hard time understanding the logic of dressing like a clown, unless, as Sam pointed out, he’d stare at himself in the mirror until he got over his irrational fear. This is the second time in as many days that he has mentioned his grandmother. I’m hoping they cast someone to play Grandma for the wedding, so at least the groom’s side of the church isn’t completely empty.

I thought I would like a Matt/Lulu pairing, but today they just didn’t seem to have the spark. Maybe because Dante is such a cute teddy bear with his wacky flirting, but I’m now looking forward to a Dante/Lulu hook up.

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I liked that Lulu went to Carly about “Dominic”, but I thought it was rather odd for Olivia to walk up and join them. I know it was a plot point, for the Olivia/Dominic blow up, but wouldn’t it be weird if you were sitting there, talking to your cousin (who for all intents and purposes plays the part of “mom”), and your ex boyfriend’s new lover showed up and inserted herself in the conversation. Now that’s an awkward moment.

I love Alexis to death, but she was being a bit hypocritical today, with giving MIchael the blame and Kristina as the innocent victim. I do like that Jax called her out on it.

Hey, did you know that Edward has had heart problems, but that he’s just had a clean bill of health? No really. That's totally not foreshadowing. Although I do have to ask who the actress playing his “friend” is, because I feel like I’ve seen her before, but I’m not sure where.

Hey, did you know that Andrea stole a bottle of Digitalis and is carrying it around in her purse? Did you also know that every single time she spots Edward, she opens her purse to inspect said bottle of Digitalis? It kills me every time she does that!! Did you also know that the hospital doesn’t seem to have noticed that a bottle of Digitalis was taken off the nurse’s cart, which would totally have that nurse’s butt in a sling in real life?

That end scene with Anthony was rather odd and a little overplayed on Bruce Weitz’ part. Sometimes a little dose of crazy is what’s called for. Too much just turns it into a cartoon.