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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

JT:  He finds out from his wife that she had an indiscretion with Deacon.


Newman kids 1.0: They have a showdown with dad regarding Patty.

Ashley: She tells hubby about the accident the night of the storm.

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Daniel/Amber/Deacon: Mr. Romalotti passionately tries to persuade Amber not to go through her marriage to Deacon and pops the question himself! Deacon arrives before Amber can say anything and reiterates his threats of sending Daniel to jail if she backs out of their deal. Daniel tries to calm her fears by saying the two of them will figure a way out and professes his love for her. A heartbroken Amber turns him down and departs with Deacon who announces their nuptials will take place the following day. Later, Daniel plots getting arrested and winds up in the slammer to speak with Ryder.

He gets the information on the Terroni and just when he's about to obtain information about his frame up, the guards arrive and separate the two. Amber pays his bail and implores him to move on without her, then heads to Deacon's to prepare for their wedding. Daniel's hellbent on stopping the wedding. He tells Kevin about the information Ryder spilled and heads off to the ceremony. He comes in while Amber's walking down the aisle, and tells her all about the key Deacon wants for Terrible Tom's safe deposit box and the Terroni. When Deacon hears this, he stops the proceedings to speak with Daniel in private.

Nick/Sharon: She wants him to stay mum on their baby's paternity for good. Sharon's already made up her mind to bring their daughter up on her own. The only concern she has is with Summer. She doesn't want her pregnancy to diminish Nick's role in her life and wants him to stay drama free. Nick isn't gung-ho on lying about their baby and lets Sharon know he will not lie about their baby, even if it hurts Phyllis.