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Love's Labour's (Day) Lost: OLTL Spoilers


The most disappointing One Life to Live spoiler this week is that there is no original episode on Monday. So I guess I'll be forced to do some grilling or something.


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1. Shaun is injured but will not die. At least not for the foreseeable future. If that changes, I'll let you know. Here's a question though -- are you guys and gals fans of Shaun? Or is he as boring as his dull-as-dishwater little sister Destiny?

2. Now that Starr and Hope have been kidapped by those Russian mobsters/Drug lords (whatever they are...) it's time for John to go to work -- and Brody, who gets to exercise his impressive Navy SEAL expertise. But I'm hearing terrible things about darling, precious, nymph-like Brody getting IMPALED during his daring rescue of Starr and her love child with Cole. Jessica has flashbacks to Nash's death as she waits by his hospital bed.

3. The scene at La Boulaie is a mess because Todd and Tea are waiting anxiously to see if ransom demands come from the kidnappers. But when Blair arrives with Ross, it's practically a local theater production of "Noises Off" what with all the hiding, lying, fibbing, and door-slamming. It's so typical that just as Todd and Tea are about to tie the knot, her not-so-ex-husband would show up and ruin all the fun. Or rather, this probably makes it all the more fun.

4. Rex and Gigi ... yawn ... figure that Stacy continues to be up to no good about her pregnancy situation and Gigi begins to suspect that she's not actually with child. But guess what? She's preggers after all! With Fish's baby? Oh my stars... Fish -- what have you done, now? Just get with Kyle ALREADY.