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B&B's Brad Bell Says Speech Being Cut Was "Upsetting"


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The newest member of the Best Show club's Brad Bell chatted with soap journalist Michael Fairman about the speech that never came during The Bold and the Beautiful's win.   

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I saw how they cut you off before you got to say your long- awaited acceptance speech. The CW had a hard out at 10PM, thus the apparent reason for the short-change. You must have been upset!


It was upsetting, but that is show biz. It just landed on my lap this time. It was great to share this with the cast and crew up on the stage. I wanted to acknowledge my father which was the most important thing to me, but I did in my own way, so it’s cool. 

Fairman also spoke with Bell about B&B's show stopper Katherine Kelly Lang being shut out of the nomination after the actress gave some of her best work last year.


Katherine’s performance in the Storm suicide/Katie heart transplant story was exceptional. So much so, that many thought she should have been nominated and won this year for that.


She has been a stalwart for us and she aced these shows. Had she not acted her heart out and given us the performance of her lifetime, which she did, we would not be here. It is such collaboration, but she came through for us like never before. Everyone was stellar, the writing was stellar, but Katherine shined like the sun. Having that moment with her was so terrific. We are always working so hard. She works on the first floor here and I work on the third, and we don’t have many moments together, and that one was just very special to share with her.

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