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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Things I liked today: Alexis and Mac having a nice moment. Why haven’t they hooked those two up?

Molly, the girl, dunking all the tough guys and me getting an eyeful of wet Patrick, Dante and Johnny. I just wonder where Lucky was in that segment. It couldn’t have hurt to dunk him as well, and then all four, rip off their shirts to dry themselves off!!

Speaking of drying off, what’s up with Dante getting dunked and then showing up at the hospital with Lulu, bone dry. And Johnny was in the dunk tank but nowhere to be seen the rest of the episode.

Loved the Scrubs alone time, post shower. Of course, half naked Patrick doesn’t hurt!

I liked that the actors looked like they were having a good time, especially during the Spin/Sonny/Claudia scene. Looked like all three broke character and were laughing for real.

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Claudia snarking out Keifer. At this point, I don’t care who gives that kid what for, just so long as someone does.

I was impressed with the carnival backdrop and the number of extras that they hired to fill the place up.

JaSam: Eh, they’re kind of cute in a, totally aren’t behaving normally, kind of way. I mean, Jason’s following her around like a puppy dog and he actually looks interested and not annoyed. It’s just weird. What is my GH world like if Jason’s not all grumpy and blinky?

Things I didn’t like:

Everything Rebecca. From hanging out with Lucky to the weird ball fight between Nik and Ethan. Seriously guys, she is not worth fighting over.

Andrea and her bottomless bottle of heart medicine. Seriously, how does she have anything left in that little thing? Also, was it just a coincidence that she and Alexis were dressed exactly alike, or are we going to go down a mistaken identity road here?

Kiefer. Is it just me or is that kid seriously playing major tonsil hockey with Kristina? I know the character is supposed to be intense, but it just seems a bit much.

Anthony and his merry band of hooligans, to spoil my fun.

Please tell me Claudia didn’t rig the ferris wheel to break at the top while Kristina’s in there.