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Which Dead, Dastardly Daddy is Roscoe Born Bringing Back to Daytime?

Roscoe Born is back bitches! But on what soap you ask? I shall never tell... Rumblings from one Daytime Emmy party had Born back taping a top secret story, reprising the role of a nasty soap pop!

Hmmm, Born has made an artform out of portraying pariah patriarchs. There's One Life to Live's Mitch Laurence who raped Viki (Erika Slezak) and sired Jessica (Bree Williamson). Then there's Terrible Tom Fisher, the not-so-proud papa of Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and the newly-discovered Ryder (Wilson Bethel) on The Young and the Restless. And of course we can't forget that it was Born's Days of Our Lives character Trent who we have to thank for Melanie (Molly Burnett). So whaddya you think? Which soap brat is in for a not-so-happily belated Father's Day?


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