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21 Daytime Questions With Jillian


1. Will soaps come back in style like 80's clothing?

2. When will fans see "love in the afternoon" again?

3. Why won't  Bob Guza and Co. beg Vanessa to give them one more chance?

4. What happened to the corporate raid with Jabot/Newman/Chancellor?

5. Doesn't it annoy you to see Meg Snyder being Oakdale's man eater?

6. Wouldn't you enjoy watching Brooke Logan punch Ridge and Taylor in their mean mugs?

7. Are we supposed to believe Steffy Forrester is the hottest catch in LA?

8. Is Evangeline ever going to return to Llanview?

9. Will Neil and Sharon acknowledge being friends post-Dru?

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10. Are Y&R's Keemo and Kyle Abbott still breathing?

11. Will someone tell Ellen Wheeler"I told you so?"

12. When will Chris Goutman& hatchet girl Jean P. finally take their heads out of their...... sandboxes?

13. Is Roger Howarthsorry for ditching OLTL?

14. When will Agnes Nixon start playing with her Chuckie doll to save AMC?

15. Is Beth Ehlers cursing the day she turned down Y&R when she watches Mr. Pu C. Benson stealing scenes?

16. Does Genie Francis cackle with glee when she hears about GH?

17. Does the PR dept. of DAYS buy Tums in bulk when Ken Corday gives interviews? 

18. Wouldn't it be nice for Sarah Brown to become Victoria Newman?

19. Aren't we all excited for September so Kim Zimmer can unleash it all?

20. Why isn't Monica Q getting her cougar on again?

21. What if Marlena came back to DAYS ala Kim Z?