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DAYS' Lindsay Hartley: "This Character is Nothing Like Theresa"

Passions alum Lindsay Hartley assures Days of Our Lives fan the role of Arianna won't become Theresa 2.0 now that she's assumed the part.


"This character is nothing like Theresa," Hartley told me on the red carpet outside of the 36th Annual Daytime Emmys. "Arianna is a drug dealer, but she has a strong motivation for what she's doing that you will see very soon. What I love about being on DAYS is that the stories have a resolution. They don't just go on and on without any pay off. You will definitely see pay off with Arianna's story."

Another show known for giving its diehard fans payoff, is the CW's Smallville, which costars Hartley's real life hubby Justin Hartley as Clark Kent's (Tom Welling) ally Oliver Queen aka The Green Arrow.

"Justin will be in the majority of the episodes this season," says Hartley. "The new season starts on Sept. 25, be sure to check it out!"

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