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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 09.08.09

Everyone ready for the carnival madness? Wait, it’s happening east coast time as I type. Say buh-bye to Andrea Floyd as the mayor’s wife has no one but herself to blame for her demise. What about Jake? He’s hurt and mommy’s so relieved to see Uncle Nik she plants a big fat kiss on him. Kristina? Where did she go? Finally gets a few scenes with her pops and she vanishes. Will Michael ride into the rescue? What does Kiefer have to do with the missing Kristina?


Morgan is ok thanks to his brother from yet another mother. Will that bro need some medical assistance of the DNA kind? SPOILERS say Olivia is relieved when Dante doesn’t need a transplant but is her secret already out? Speaking of secrets… will Michael remember his comatose days? Will Jax burst Claudia’s bubble, finally? Will Michael start playing some games of his own with step daddy dearest?

Who else is getting their kiss on? Sonny and Olivia! I can’t decide if I like these two together or not. Some ASSUME a Sonny – Olivia hook up means Sarah Brown is exiting when her time is up. Beware of the fortune teller! Jax and Carly both get some frightening news. Edward is A-OK. Dante pulls through. RUMOR has it one of Molly’s friends dies at the carnival.

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The promo says one family will have to deal with a death but who the heck is kicking the bucket? ZaCrazy is back in action, will Johnny be a casualty of his father’s revenge? Once again the mob prince steps in and saves the Jackal.

The Spixie wedding goes up in flames. Another GH stunt or just a way to stop Spixie from saying “I Do?” Although Maxie admits her cold feet will it be Spinelli who stops the nuptials? Is Jake’s the setting of their non-wedding celebration?

More LL2 re-do? It looks like in the wake of Jake’s accident Lucky proposes that he and Elizabeth tie the knot for the boy’s sake. How will Nikolas react and is it possible that while Elizabeth is debating Lucky’s offer, she winds up in bed with his brother? RUMOR has it, Elizabeth says yes. Did she not learn anything from the last time she married him? Will Elizabeth revoke her acceptance?

Please someone give Matt Hunter a storyline. Please! RUMOR has it Patrick figures out the Olivia – Dante connection. Didn’t Kate already spill those beans to the doc? Patrick wants Olivia to fess up to Sonny and Dante.

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