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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Is it just me or was today’s episode a letdown after the build-up of last week? That is, until the end, which was more Friday cliffhanger than Friday’s cliffhanger was.


Things I like; well, there aren’t too many, but here goes:

All things Davis women and the lightness between them. I also found it interesting that Alexis seemed to be spending more time with Morgan the past two days than Carly has. In fact, CarJax seem to be significantly absent from these carnival scenes so far.

Spixie’s moment in the penthouse when she was wiping off his makeup was rather sweet. It seemed very loose and more Bradford and Kirsten than Damian and Maxie.

Nikolas explaining his plan to Ethan was rather ingenious and not something that I expected to happen. His logic that Ethan will run and tell Rebecca, pushing her further into Nik’s arms was spot on. I don’t, however, understand why stopping Nikolas from his revenge plan is somehow Liz’s job.

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Things I didn’t like:

Claudia attaching herself at Kristina’s hip had a feel of desperation to it.

Kiefer shoving his tongue town Kristina’s throat, repeatedly.

This story from the fortune teller that Michael suddenly has “seeing” powers. Where did that come from?

Robin, confronting Andrea in front of Edward, without first questioning Edward. I know she’s a doctor, not a super spy, but you’d think she’d be smarter than that.

The logic of Spinelli being at the warehouse is a little confusing. Dante gets the call, but Johnny says he’ll go in his place, but then somehow Bernie calls Jason and gets Spinelli, who agrees to go. Why did Bernie need to call Jason, if Johnny had already told him he was going? Seemed rather farfetched to get Spin at the warehouse.

Why did all 5 guys need to fire onto Spinelli at that close range and how will they explain him surviving that?

Sonny, declaring to Claudia a week ago that he was giving his marriage a go and leaving Olivia alone, yet now is THIS CLOSE to kissing her in public.