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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Ok, so today, we were back to soapy goodness at its finest – lots o' drama, chaos and angst. My only true annoyance was that they put the warehouse stuff in as well. We already had one cataclysmic event, did we need another one? I know we can’t leave the mob stuff alone, even for one day, but watching Spinelli and Johnny escape a bunch of shooting guys just seemed tedious in the middle of the rest of the horror. Plus, clearly Johnny’s not made of the same material Jason is, since Jason took two bullets and a falling building and came out looking a lot better than Johnny does right now.

Now on to the good stuff….

Loved Molly’s initial reaction, screaming Kristina’s name in the midst of that mess and Claudia holding her back. That actress is truly a find. I like that Lulu took care of Molly, despite her look of shock, as well. I loved Alexis’ desperation in looking everywhere for her girls and Mac’s concern for her. And I was glad when Alexis and Molly were reunited.

I felt bad for the kid playing Jake, because he really looked and sounded like he was crying when they pulled him out from under the stuff. And I wondered what happened to Cameron, because I thought he was at the carnival as well, but we didn’t see him in the aftermath.

I for one am not sad to see the end of Andrea Floyd. I know Martha Byrne is a huge actress, but Andrea was so annoying, it was hard to overlook that. Let’s just hope someone finds that bottle of digitalis in her purse so we can end the Brianna Hughes murder once and for all.

Loved Matt, Patrick and Robin in doctor mode.

I could have lived without the :Jason walking across the wreckage with sad eyes" bit. Sorry Jason fans, I’m sure some of you cried along with him, but I just sat there, thinking, “really? Jason?”

I actually felt bad for Olivia. Knowing that her son is hurt and she can’t go to him. And I was glad Jax was able to give her a little bit of comfort.

I thought it was strange that they had the new DA chick give Milo the news about Max. From some random character that we’ve met once or twice, it just seemed out of place. And I certainly hope Diane finding out is done on screen, because I want to see her reaction.

I did not like NOTEmily being the one they consulted regarding Edward. Where are Ned and Dillon? They might not live in town, but they would certainly have been the go-to people rather than some chick who barely knows the family and is only there because she’s a con artist. I hope this doesn’t soften Nikolas towards her.