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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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JT/Victoria: The two quarrel over Colleen being MIA, JT once again thinks Victor is to blame for Patty's return to Genoa City. He even goes so far to say Victoria isn't concerned about her ex-stepdaughter being snatched, resulting in her finally revealing her tryst with Deacon!


Victoria blurts out the truth regarding her affair due to the guilt eating away at her. Colleen's well-being is a concern for Mrs. Hellstrom, although she is still ticked for her kissing JT.  Even though he's pissed about her indiscretion, hubby doesn't get into it right then because of Colleen's disappearance. Afterwards, Victoria starts to think if JT is onto something about Victor and ponders if her marriage can be salvaged.

Victor/Ashley: The guilt is too much for her to bear and she wants to tell Victor about the night of the rainstorm. Adam works to keep Ashley from confessing to Victor by warning that Victor will have her locked away in a loony bin to have her "baby." Finally, Ashley breaks down and tells the black knight she ran Nikki down, admitting she thought it was Sabrina but realizes that was a figment of her imagination.

An emotional Ashley implores she never intended to cause Nikki any harm and is truly remorseful for her actions. Victor responds by informing her he will get her all the mental help she needs, making Ashley realize Victor thinks she is too far gone. This leaves Ashley devastated.

Ashley tells Adam he was right about Victor. The Abbott heiress becomes more despondent and isolated. She begins to wonder if she can trust anyone, and worried Victor will lock her up.

Daniel/Deacon: The two come up with a plan which may result in Amber not saying I do.

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