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General Hospital Spoilers!

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Finally caught up on this week’s GH…
all I can say is life is still getting in the way of my soaps! Well at least I’m current with GH, I’m still 16 episodes in the hole with OLTL. Before the scoop, how about a little commentary? Production wise, the carnival looks beautiful. I DVR in HD and I must say, this is the best the show has looked. I recognize the improvements that occurred when it first went HD however, IMO, the carnival has been beautifully filmed. Now, the actual story, while I like it, I’m not as over the moon with it as some of you are. Let me explain. I love full cast integration, which is what gets me sucked into these storylines in the first place. Well that and the well placed montage with well picked tunes to accompany said montage. While two montages seem a little overdone, especially back to back, I did like the pseudo explanation of how everyone ended up were they did. Of course, my critical eye spotted a few holes.


Where was Cameron? The after the trauma drama mention just didn’t seem like enough. He should have had a mention earlier. Also, my roommate made an excellent point while we caught up last night. One car caused so much carnage? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have Edward strike another car and both cars go spiraling through the carnival? Since I deleted most of what I missed while I was away, I have no affiliation to this ADA woman, I’m not even sure I caught her name. Her involvement in all this is more than annoying and where the hell was Diane? Did anyone else notice that Andrea and Alexis were very similarly dressed? I thought maybe they were going to throw in a twist but it didn’t happen. Mistake on the wardrobe department’s end possibly?

I’m sure you all want me to weigh in on the Liason stuff with Jake, Lucky and Sam all thrown in. I tried to not feel teased by it all, I half paid attention to the JaSam stuff and Lucky, well they continue to make Luke Spencer’s son this peripheral character and that annoys me to no end. What I really didn’t like? The Nikolas – Elizabeth kiss. Was. Not. Feeling. It. I suppose this is a good place to start the scoop…

Nikolas and Elizabeth hit the sheets or floor or wherever it is that they do the deed. Is it before or after she gives Lucky an answer to his marriage proposal? SPOILERS say the afterglow doesn’t last long as Elizabeth tells Nikolas this was there one and only role in the hay and it looks like Elizabeth accepts Lucky’s proposal to marry once again. Will Nikolas and Elizabeth be able to lose their lust? Will Elizabeth revoke her acceptance?

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Michael turns to Sam. He’ll tell her about his memories and Michael wants some help figuring out who knew what and he doesn’t want Jason to know. Will Michael be going after his step-mother and step-father? EET asked for some JaSam scoop so here it is… Who’s watching Jason and Sam as they wakey wakey? Will Molly stand up to the big bad mob enforcer and tell him not to hurt her sister?

Who’s dying? Weren’t we promised a death that would affect one family? Johnny’s life hangs in the balance as Claudia pays dear old crazy daddy a visit. Remember, Sonny and Claudia come to an agreement; ZaCrazy needs to be dealt with once and for all. Back to Johnny… Olivia rushes to her lover’s side but will she turn on her own son? It looks like Olivia warns Johnny not to trust Dominic. Claudia still has issues with her brother’s current love match and really so do I. I think they were hot when it all first began but I don’t really buy them as a lasting pairing. And boy oh boy there SEEMS to be a real Dominic vs. Johnny match up brewing. Sonny wants to test Dominic’s loyalty and the test just MAY be Johnny’s life. Is it just a test or is Sonny seriously considering offing his brother in law? Will Olivia call it quits with her boy toy?

Lord help me, I actually like Lulu and Dominic. Side note: loved her handbag! Will Lulu start to question just what Dominic is doing in the mob? RUMOR has it Lulu MAY start to question if Dominic is really a mobster or someone else.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Claudia wants to get knocked up again. Patrick thinks Elizabeth is less than thrilled about her pending nuptials. Jealousy hits when Lucky tells his fiancé that his brother is planning a romantic rendezvous with Rebecca. Ethan asks Lucky to get Nikolas to end his revenge run. Will Ethan ask Edward to help him get Rebecca to ditch the prince? I’m so annoyed with Rebecca calling Edward grandfather. Anyone else? Maxie can’t find a good enough reason to call off the wedding. Michael hits the books. Olivia wants Dominic to forget about Sonny and taking down the mob. Helena’s return… will it send her straight to Rebecca? Does Elizabeth find a friend in Olivia?

Big weekend for my Buckeyes. I know a few of the GH men will be cheering on my Bucks with me!