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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday. There were so many things I wanted to mention, but I didn’t get a chance.

For instance, I have a hard time understanding this whole Dante/kidney story. If only one kidney is injured, then they remove it and he lives the rest of his life with only one. Lots of people do (including my mother. Yes, I know she doesn't live in soap opera land!!). If both kidneys are injured then I would think he'd be in much worse shape than he is and one transplant wouldn't do the trick. I know I shouldn't apply real life to soap life, and yet I do!!

I must admit, I liked the Sonny/Dante scenes today. All of the stuff about Dante missing out on a father and Michael/Morgan stuff from Sonny. Well written and well acted on both their parts, even Sonny. Got a bit heavy handed once Olivia showed up, but the beginning was good.

Speaking of Olivia, I love that Patrick told her he knew the truth. And I know it won’t happen, but I would love a Dante/Kate scene. I also loved the Patrick/Robin scene where he commends her for her detective skills. It was a cute, but too brief, scene between them.

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How on earth did Kristina manage to survive with only a minor sprained wrist? She should have had some cuts and bruises at least. Good to see Keifer has taken the lead in the douchebag asshat race by getting her the phone and then manhandling her again.

LizNik: As a fan of Liz’s, I hate this storyline and seeing them macking on each other in front of her son’s hospital room, for everyone to see, was very upsetting. The only good thing is that she broke it off and seemed to regret it – questioning her own motivations. I’m hoping she has the balls to say no to Lucky’s proposal (although which woman in her right mind would turn him down is beyond me!!)

I hate that Rebecca is calling Edward “grandfather”. Hate that Ethan was a busybody involved in Q business. That should have been Tracy or Monica. Mac needs to hire Robin to solve all of his cases!!

I liked that Jason went to Sam with the info on LizNik. And I liked their conversation with each other.

Funny line of the day:

Sam: “Well, maybe they were just happy that things turned out okay”

Jason: “It wasn’t that kind of kiss”

What the heck happened to Johnny? If they weren’t going to show him and Spin again for the rest of the week, why bother having the shoot out happen the same day as the accident?