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One Life to Live Spoilers


So, it’s been kind of an amazing week in Llanview. If Starr wasn’t the most annoying character on the show, I would have been rooting for her safe return. But since she is, I kind of wish the Russian mafia (they were Russian, right?) had successfully kidnapped her and Hope and taken them back to Siberia. I will admit that the kidnapping actually gave a great shot of adrenaline to the show. I was really impressed by how most of that played out.

Even better, Nora and Tea in jail together was too delicious for words. And the courtroom stuff about Rachel’s druggie/murderous past was fun, too. Add to that the excellent Dorian/Viki scenes with David Vickers, et. al. at the mayoral debate and basically I was in hog heaven.

Note to the higher-ups (because I know you read this): MORE MATT WALTON as sexy Elijah the Lawyer.

Let’s take a look into the future of Llanview shall we? Here are some of the things I’m looking forward to in the coming week.


After Mayor Lowell tenders his resignation, Dorian announces she’ll be running against Viki for the position. Huzzah!!!! I’m am so excited for the upcoming campaign season. Team Dorian all the way! Where do I send a contribution?

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To top it off, Dorian hires David to run her “slash and burn” campaign! David should make Obama’s dream team look like hacks.

Kyle and Roxy scenes! My new favorite twosome (it seems they are always drowning their sorrows in a bottle of tequila - my kind of people!) gets to rock it once again as Kyle tells her how he’s totally gotten his life together and moved on from Fish.

Oliver Fish comes out to his parents! Good for him. It does not go well, though. Come on, Mr. and Mrs. Fish - love your son for who he is!

The Todd/Tea/Blair Show (one of my favorite storylines right now) gets an upheaval after Tea calls off the wedding. But don’t worry - they make amends and vow to get married in one week! Oh, and Ross and Blair kiss. But don’t think that will prevent her from ruining Todd and Tea’s nuptials.

Jessica, Brody, Jared, and Natalie team up to get to the bottom of the Nash stalker situation (What? This is still going on? Okay, whatever.)

Cole invites Markko to move into his bachelor pad - fun!

The Verdict in Matthews' lawsuit comes in!

And a big one for you Rex and Gigi fans? Rex asks her to marry him - again!