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Guiding Light Featured on CBS Sunday Morning

Amid all the hoopla about the great 60 Minutes tribute which aired on Sunday evening, Guiding Light and its end was also featured during a segment of CBS' long running urbane and sophisticated Sunday Morning, hosted by Charles Osgood.

While more tongue in cheek than Morely Safer's more serious take, correspondent Richard Schlessinger nontheless provided an excellent profile of GL. The substance of the piece is roughly the same as 60 Minutes' story (a variety of clips and interviews – Robert Newman and Kim Zimmer, for example), but there is more liberal use of the show's theme music through the years, a broader examination of its history and thoughts on the survival of daytime soaps as a whole.

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There are also clips of Bert Bauer (Charita Bauer), Roger's (Michael Zaslow) rape of Holly (Maureen Garrett), and glimpse at one fo the first African American contract actors in all of daytime, Billy Dee Williams. There is also a brief chat with 89 year old fan Audrey Thaler, a fan from radio through the very end. There is also a baffling — and somewhat insulting — interview with Sheraton Kalouria, former head of NBC daytime, who, obsessed with the 12-17 demographic market when he oversaw the creation of Passions, has done his part to help hasten the end of daytime faster than any new production model ever could.

Thanks to DC reader craigcp for the heads up and rockermom58.