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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Nicole Gets a Restraining Order Against Rafe


Roman and Arianna: Roman meets up with Arianna in the motel room and hopes that she’s changed her mind about quitting the case. She tells him that she hasn’t but feels guilty since going undercover was her idea in the first place. He reminds her that sometimes you just can’t walk away from an undercover case.

Roman asks Arianna what happened to make her want walk away. Arianna talks around the real reason for a while until she finally gives in and admits that she fell in love. Roman doesn’t think it’s a good enough reason but Arianna explains that the guy she fell for is smart and could figure everything out and blow her cover. Roman asks who she’s fallen in love with she admits that it’s Brady. Roman suggests that instead of quitting, they speed up the investigation. Arianna refuses because she doesn’t want Brady to ever learn about her past.

Roman sighs and sits her down and tells her that if Brady learns about her past and can’t get past it, than he’s not worth it anyway. Arianna doesn’t care, she says she can’t risk it. Roman warns her that if she doesn’t stay on the case, he’ll go and tell Brady himself. Arianna says she hates him and Roman replies she should join the club. He leaves saying that he’s doing this for her own good.

Nicole and Sami: Nicole rushes over to Sami’s and demands Sami get Rafe to back off. Sami insists that Rafe doesn’t listen to her. Nicole tells her to get Rafe to back off or else and Sami folds her arms and demands to know what Nicole will do. She wants to know if Nicole is threatening Rafe. Nicole insists that it’s not that, she just wants Rafe to leave her alone, but he keeps investigating every aspect of her life because he thinks she did something to crazy to Grace. She comments on how crazy that is but Sami doesn’t think it’s so crazy after all.

Nicole tells Sami that she feels for her and Rafe but she can’t continue to let Rafe rip apart her life just because he’s grieving. Sami insists everyone grieves in their own way but Nicole insists that Rafe needs professional help. Sami starts getting upset about Rafe and starts crying. Nicole apologizes for upsetting her and Sami blasts her, asking how she thought she could run over there and tell her that Rafe was going crazy and not think that she would be upset. Nicole apologizes again. Sami tells her that while she’s not with Rafe anymore, there is nothing Nicole can say that will turn her against Rafe.

Nicole tells Sami she didn’t come over to upset her. She came over to remind her how EJ feels about Rafe and that things could get blown up out of proportion if EJ finds out what Rafe is doing. Sami comes down and says she gets it, and agrees they need to stop things from getting out of hand. Then, she tells Nicole she really needs to be alone right now, so Nicole leaves.

Sami and Sister Claire: Sami goes over to the convent and talks to Sister Claire. Sister Claire explains that Rafe did drag Nicole over there and doesn’t seem to be giving up on his theory. Sami admits that she’s worried about him. Sister Claire says she is too. Sami says she wants to do something to help him but isn’t sure if she can. Sister Claire asks Sami if there’s anything she can do to help her and Sami thinks about it for a moment and asks if maybe Sister Claire can help her get some answers.

Rafe and Sarah: At the pub, Rafe sits at a table talking to himself as he types on his laptop. He wonders why Nicole would go to the convent and pose as Mary and then arrange for Sami to give birth at the clinic. Then it dawns on him that maybe she knew Sami’s baby was EJ’s. Then, he makes a phone call and arranges to meet someone at the Java Café.

Rafe meets up with Dr. Baker’s assistant, Sarah, at Java. He informs her that Dr. Baker was murdered and that he thinks Nicole Walker killed him. She is shocked but asks why he’s dragging her into this and reminds him that she’s told him everything she knows. He tells her he believes her, but that he needs to something else and it’s medical.

Rafe explains what happened to Grace and how she died of Bacterial Meningitis and wonders if there is anyway Nicole could have done something to Grace to make her sick. Sarah tells him that she’s sorry for his loss but that Nicole didn’t cause her to get sick. Rafe refuses to believe it and Sarah tells him she’s sorry again, but that she’s not going to deal with him anymore and walks away.

Rafe and Nicole:  Rafe goes back to the pub. He flashes back to Sarah telling him that Nicole couldn’t have made Grace sick. The flashback ends and he asks himself why Nicole would have been at the clinic then. At that moment, Nicole walks into the pub. Rafe goes over to her and says that he’s glad to see her. Nicole, on the other hand, isn’t so thrilled and hands him a restraining order. She tells him that if he comes near her again, he’s going to jail.

EJ and Brady: Brady runs into Mary and Sydney in the park and stops to talk to them. Suddenly, EJ appears and orders Brady to get away from his daughter. Brady apologizes to Mary for getting her into trouble. EJ says she isn’t in trouble and then tells Mary to go home and he’ll take care of Sydney.

When Mary leaves, EJ and Brady play the who’s more macho game and throw around insults and threats. They argue about both Sydney and Nicole. Brady accidentally lets it slip that he can’t believe that Nicole risked everything to be with EJ, but Brady leaves before he can say anymore. EJ’s left wondering what he meant by Nicole risking everything.

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Daniel/Nathan/Melanie/Justin: Daniel meets up with Melanie and Nathan in Maggie’s kitchen. Nathan informs Daniel that they didn’t find any poison residue on the gloves Daniel had found. Dr. Dan begins to think it’s time to start facing facts – he’s going to jail.

Daniel tells Nathan that Chloe is going to need another dose of the medicine and since he can’t get anywhere near her, Nathan will have to do it. Nathan says he can’t, so Melanie steps forward and tells Daniel she’ll do it. Nathan argues that Melanie can’t do it; she’s only a nursing student. After some arguing, he agrees to give Chloe the injection and Melanie insists on helping him.

Meanwhile, Justin calls and tells Daniel to meet at the courthouse because the DA wants to meet with them. At the courthouse, the DA offers Daniel a deal, but Dr. Dan’s not interested. The DA warns him to consider what might happen if Chloe doesn’t wake up and then leaves. Daniel wonders if the DA has thought about what might happen if Chloe wakes up.

At the hospital, Melanie plays look out at Chloe’s door, while Nathan heads in Chloe’s room and gets ready to give her the injection.

Stefano and Kate: Stefano runs into Kate at the pub. Kate tells him to go away and that she wants nothing to do with him because he tried to kill Philip. Stefano suggests they should put that all behind them but Kate isn’t interested. Stefano asks her if she had anything to with Chloe’s condition, which Kate denies. She continues to try to get him to leave but he sticks around for a while anyway trying to convince her to take his help. Before he leaves he reminds her that she shouldn’t try push away friends.

Stefano and EJ: EJ heads into the DiMera mansion. Stefano informs him that his lab results are back in, and that his diabetes is back under control. He suggests that since the news is so good, that now would be a good time for EJ to take Nicole on that extended honeymoon to Paris. EJ tells Stefano that he has decided that he isn’t going.

Stefano asks EJ if there is trouble in paradise, but EJ claims that he can’t get away from work. Stefano reminds EJ that he works for him. EJ asks if Stefano is going to force him to go. Stefano says he can, and that he just might do that. EJ folds his arms and looks at him suspiciously, demanding to know what is going on.

EJ reminds Stefano that the only reason he and Nicole have stayed living in the mansion with Sydney, was because Stefano promised to stop interfering in his life. Stefano tells him to go ahead and crush Nicole’s dreams and stay home if he wants, but he does wonder if EJ has told Nicole about his decision yet.

On the Next Days of Our Lives:

At the convent, Sami tells Sister Claire, “Guess you're right, though. It's better if we stay away from each other right now.”

At the pub, Rafe snaps at Arianna, “Well, if you're not gonna help me, then I'll have to find out on my own what he knows.”

At the DiMera mansion, EJ shouts at Nicole, “What is it that this Rafe guy has on you?”

Just a Few Thoughts: Is it just me or does this baby switch story feel like it’s been stuck in neutral forever? Maybe I would be a lot more interested in this story if Sami or EJ was figuring this out instead of Rafe. It is their child after all. Hopefully, Sami will start to clue in soon as she tries to figure out what’s going on with Rafe.

Oh, and this Dr. Dan story just gets dumber by the minute. I feel bad for everyone involved in this mess. The only thing good to come out of it is that Kate’s back to being a scheming bitch and Justin’s back in town. Honestly, that can only carry a story so far for me.

Not to mention, my boss keeps whining that Chloe’s still in a coma, so if the show could wake her up soon, that would just make my life a whole lot easier – lol!