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Jillian's B&B Spoilers

Justin/Donna: Bill grills his old pal about his past with Donna. Justin spills all to him. Later, Justin bumps into Donna and  has a showdown with her  about why she ditched him when they were kids. The former lovebirds reminisce about their past, while Donna tries to keep her secret from him. Justin is introduced to Marcus and starts to question if he's his son. He gets into it with Donna and asks her point blank if Marcus is his son.


Meanwhile, Donna isn't too sure about revealing her secret to Justin. He keeps on pressing Donna about Marcus's paternity when the man of the hour walks in! Justin leaves and tells Bill he believes Marcus is his son. Donna ultimately  breaks down and divulges the reasons why she made the choices she did in the past.

Eric: He fills Stephanie in on his plans to claim Marcus as his own, and she has a mini-stroke, literally! When Ridge gets word of Eric's intentions, he throws his support in the ring which makes the Forrester patriarch happy. Marcus presents him with a gift to represent the relationship they share. Eric reveals his past with Stephanie to Donna.

Stephanie: La Forrester has a health scare after a night of fun at Jackie M. Stephanie starts to show weird actions and rejects the truth behind it all which leads Steffy to keep her confidence. Pam ends up finding out everything.

Bill/Katie: The duo makes love after having a night filled with romance. Unfortunately for Katie, Bill's still hell bent on crushing Forrester Creations!

Owen/Jackie: The Knights marriage suffers a blow when Jackie's past comes back to haunt her. Owen goes to Steffy for support and ends up in a bind when Mrs. Knight asks her husband for forgiveness.