General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time to be long winded today, so I'll be brief and just point out what I liked and didn't like.

Loved, loved, loved Lulu/Dante.  Who knew I'd like Lulu with anyone, much less my man Dante, but it works for me.

Loved Olivia punching Claudia after she smacked her.  I love that Olivia threatened to spill the beans on both Sonny and Claudia and that ClauSon took the warning and left.

JOlivia were a bit heavy handed for me, but he was shot, so I'll go with the flow.

I hate naive Lucky.  Lulu told him to read between the lines and he still didn't.

Hated everything Niz.  May they both get struck by lightning.  Hated even more that she basically got up from Nik's bed, put on the same clothes and went back to the hospital to be with Jake and say yes to Lucky.

JaSam were cute, but in a sense, she's lying to him about Michael.