Justin Deas "I Think Ellen Wheeler is Out of Her F---ing Mind"

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I'm pretty sure the title says it all for this one! Be sure to check out the full Justin Deas' Interview with Michael Logan.


Were you surprised to end your GL run by getting married?

I think [executive producer] Ellen Wheeler is out of her f---ing mind to give Buzz another wedding. But I adore working with Tina Sloan [Buzz’s new wife Lillian]. That lady is connected! Just name anybody, a famous anything, pick a NASA astronaut, and she just had dinner with him. You talk to her about a great book you’re reading? She’ll say, “Would you like to meet the author?” You’re going to Sweden? She knows the king! I just mentioned to her that I might get a hip replacement—I think the hip will probably be arriving on the set here sometime this afternoon.

It's obvious he's being sarcastic but part of me believes he's being completely real. Either way, Justin Deas is my new Hero!