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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Poor dumb, hot, stupid, scorching Lucky. That boy is in for a world of hurt when the truth comes out. And the truth will come out. I guess I should give credit to Liz and Nikolas for being able to keep a straight face around him and not laugh at the naivete and gullibility of someone who should be a lot smarter considering how he grew up. Ugh.

I actually think that I would like Niz, if it weren’t for the Lucky factor. If she had said no to his proposal and then gone ahead with a relationship with his brother, I’d be fine with it. He would have been hurt, but would have moved on (with Alexis?!!) But this way, there is no rooting factor just a great big ick factor, even though torn between two brothers is a soap staple. At this point, I don’t know if I should be mad at Lucky for not reading the very clear signs that Liz is giving him and wanting to rush into marriage, or if I should be mad at Niz for acting on their feelings. It really is just a big mess, and not really a soapy one.

Carly has some very interesting maternity wear. And by interesting, I really mean, what is wardrobe thinking. When she walking down the stairs, I kept thinking she was going to trip on the hem of the dress and go flying down. How many times can she fall downstairs while pregnant?!

I really don’t like where this Jax story is going. Jax hates Sonny, therefore Micheal thinks that he’s responsible for the shooting and Jax will likely take the fall, despite it having nothing to do with him in any way, shape or form. And I thought Sam knew that Jason suspected Claudia, so I don’t understand why she’s even listening to Micheal’s accusations.

I love Molly, but how does she and Kristina know Spixie well enough to be invited to their wedding planning shindig? That was just strange, even though I know it was a plot point for them to see JaSam half naked.

Having said that, I did love Jason being all uncomfortable with Molly’s questions.

Funny line of the day:

Molly: “I need to speak to Jason…… privately”