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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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Jill/Kay: The ladies fight about the property taxes not being paid on Jill's half. She tries to pull one over on Katherine by giving her a check that isn't signed. Kay sees this and takes off after her nemesis and discovers her new job at the nail salon! Jill is embarrassed while Kay is flooded with the memories, making her realize  what their worlds would be like if they never met.


Kay is confused about Jill's current job status,  when it dawns on her Jill is hellbent on making her own way. This is the reason why Kay took a shine to her in the beginning. The two women finally break down and confess they miss the relationship they share, crazy as it is, with Kay leaving Jill a huge tip.

Victor/Patty/Jack/Colleen: When Smilin' Jack discovers Patty with Colleen out cold, he starts performing CPR, just as The Black Knight shows up. Patty pulls out her gun prompting Jack to stop CPR and calling 911. Victor tries to diffuse the situation by trying to convince her to give him the gun and not shoot Jack. As he attempts to deflect Patty it clicks in her mind Victor is the catalyst for the entire situation, prompting her to put three holes in Victor!! Jack is stunned and calls for help while Patty takes off. JT and Paul show up. Jack and JT stay behind while Paul takes off after his baby sister.

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The Abbotts and Newmans head to the hospital where Traci and Steve get tragic news, Colleen is brain dead, meanwhile Victor is hanging on for dear life. Jack holds off on telling Ashley about everything, but she already knows her husband is the cause of all that has transpired and is ready to ditch their marriage! The entire thing effects him deeply. Meanwhile Victoria and Nick head to their father's room, expressing remorse for the accusations they've hurled about Victo and Patty.

Victor opens his eyes leaving his children over the moon that he's awake. Their joy turns to sadness when they are told his heart has bullet fragments and needs surgery right away. Victor tells Victoria he needs Nikki to know he still love her!

The Newman kids 1.0 set out to find their mom swiftly. Later, Paul comes by and Victoria asks him to find her mother and bring her to the hospital right away which he agrees to!! He gets a text with info from someone spotting Nikki the night she disappeared. Meanwhile, Billy contacts Ashley and informs her Victor saved Jack by taking the bullets in the chest which were for Jack. This bit of information makes Ashley realize she still loves Victor, even though she is pissed at him. She realizes her place is with him on his deathbed. Ashley shows up with Adam nipping by her heels. When Jack gets the news about his niece, he freaks out at Victor's hospital room door, screaming out that Victor, not Colleen should be the one who died.

Paul and Nick pull Jack away, leaving him to see the family his father told him to look after and realizing they are in complete chaos. Ashley goes to see her husband and isn't able to confess her love for him when he calls out for Nikki, causing her to flee the room!

When he finds out about Colleen, Victor is shocked and aghast realizing his plan to take Jack down has resulted in two families being destroyed. Paul hot on a tip, finds Nikki, ends up at a spa in the Rocky Mountains. They are both shocked when they see each other and have a very uncomfortable moment. Paul tells Nikki about Victor getting a few caps busted in him, and explains the Mary Jane/Patty situation.

Nikki quickly realizes Victor is connected to the entire thing. Paul then informs Nikki her loved ones have been frantic about her whereabouts. She tells him she has sent several letters to the ranch for her children and Victor. Leaving both to wonder where the letters disappeared to when he tells her no one received them.

In Genoa City, Ashley decides to face Victor and their sad marriage realizing they can never give one another the love the other needs, just as Victor goes into cardiac arrest! The doctors come in with the elder Newman kids in tow. Nick gets a call from Nikki asking about an update on his father. Nick doesn't mince words,  prompting Nikki to head back to Genoa City. She lets Paul know she has to get to the hospital before the worse happens (YEAH!).