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Chappell Says Otalia's Lack Of Intimacy "Unbelievable"

Crystal Chappellrevealed her thoughts to soap journalist Michael Fairman regarding Guiding Light's choice to show just a tiny speck of intimacy between the popular couple "Otalia."   



Any other moments that did not ring true for Otalia that was not a great twist on the story?


To get back to your earlier question, there should have been more affection between the two women after they admitted their feelings and had the sex conversation. (She laughs) If anything, it’s unbelievable that there was not a little more affection shown.  I have had these conversations with people where they go, “I don’t want to see them slurping kissing,” and I go, “Well, I don’t want to see two dogs kiss like that. You know what I am saying?  I don’t want to see two people slurping and slopping, either.”  I think people get things in their minds about love scenes and that they have to be tasteless.  What I think would have been wonderful is just a simple romantic mutual kiss. It’s almost the simpler the better.  That would have been my choice, not that there is anything wrong with some good hot stuff.  I think it’s the image of what people have in their heads.  I think you have to swing it back and have it all somewhere in the middle, and be open to that, and then it’s a really beautiful thing. 

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Chappell later went on to discuss what's in the works for her reprised role as Carly Manning on Days of Our Lives


Peter Reckell (Bo) told me on the red carpet at the Daytime Emmys, he was so looking forward to having you back on the show.  Can we assume a triangle is in the works?


 All I know is what we have now.  When Carly comes back she is not available to Bo, it’s more as an old friend.  There has been no sense of anything romantic. Where they go with it, I don’t know.