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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Ok, call me crazy, but I understood a little of Liz's logic today, in regards to marrying Lucky. Well, it's hard to understand, but I'm reaching, because what else am I supposed to do? She told Nikolas something like, "Lucky deserves happiness and I want to give it to him." So to me, it sounds like she knows she helped break up her first marriage to him and he has been remorseful about the Maxie stuff since then. He has been a wonderful father to the boys and he wants what he never had growing up, namely the white picket fence and the wife in the apron. Further, she feels enough guilt that she's willing to give it to him despite not being in love with him and despite having feelings with Nikolas. 

However, I don't think they should be seeing Lainie as their marriage counselor –  conflict of interest and all that. Plus, I want Lainie and Lucky to hook up once the truth comes out!!

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Loved the Maxie/Robin sisterly interaction. It's very beleivable and well played by both actresses.

I love the Morgan/Dante scenes. Very brotherly and well played by both actors!! My only fear is Morgan rejecting Dante when he finds out the truth, that he was lied to about Dante's identity.

Was not happy with Olivia and what appears to be her hanging Dante out to dry and protecting Johnny.

I was happy to see that Sam broke her confidentiality to Michael to tell Jason the truth. I was hoping she'd confide in Carly or someone, since it was clear that Michael is in way over his head.

I actually liked the ending, with Michael confronting Jax and Claudia overhearing JaSam talking. It was very soapy and made me want to see the next episode, something that doesn't happen very often.