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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I really hope Monday is a new day in PC land, because I’m so tired of hearing that the carnival carnage happened “yesterday”. There have been a LOT of things happening in the past 24 hours!


I mean, we have Dante nearly dying and needing a kidney transplant “yesterday”, but “today”, he’s well enough to hightail out of GH and head across town to Mercy to chat with Johnny. Not that I really minded since both my hotties were in a scene together! All I needed was Patrick to walk in and my day would have been complete.

Olivia, Olivia, Olivia. That girl will be in serious poop when the truth about Dante comes out. All this subterfuge talk with Johnny about how he shouldn’t confide in Dominic or get too close to Dominic. Once Johnny finds out that she’s actually Dominic’s mother and knew what Dante was up to, he’s going to way more angry than even Sonny will be.

I cannot believe that Claudia had the gall to run to half dead Johnny to help her out of the mess that SHE created. Girl, pull up your socks and get out of it by yourself, without putting another hit on someone.

I felt bad for Johnny, since he pushed Claudia away and now feels that she’ll do something stupid because of it. He told her to leave town, she didn’t and I hate that he’s now going to think it’s his fault if Claudia does something stupid.

Sonny versus Anthony: I know the show wanted me to think that Sonny got one over on Papa Z in that scene, but I think the crazy old man actually won that round. He didn’t really take the bait about Johnny being the casualty if something bad happened to Sonny’s family. So much so, that Sonny had to repeat himself. I think Papa Z came out on top on that one.

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Also the hypocrite of the year award goes to Sonny:

Sonny: “I don’t hurt kids. Hey, can you go kill Johnny for me?”

There was a good scene between Jax/Michael and Jax/Jason/Sam. Let’s hope they get this figured out once and for all

I know Liz’s haters will give her grief about her scene with Rebecca, but seriously, what the heck was that?

Rebecca: “I heard Lucky was getting married, so I bought this giant basket of goodies (that guys totally don’t care about) and decided to bring it over to him.”

Not…” I heard YOU and Lucky were getting married, so I brought you this basket.” I’ve had many friends get engaged and I have never gone to the male friends' houses to give them basket as a congratulations, but that’s just me. Although, Lucky certainly looked like he was enjoying it, so maybe he’s supposed to be the girl in this relationship!

Liz/Lucky = meh. I just can’t muster up any anger for her treatment of him anymore. I’ve been beaten down so! Nik macking on Rebecca while thinking of Liz = yuck.