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Days of Our Lives Spoilers


Exciting times are ahead for some of the residents of Salem, with Chloe reuniting with Daniel, a proposal of marriage for Kate and drunken bender in store for Lucas. Yes, it’s all happening this week on Days of our Lives (Sep 21-25). At least it’s starting to, and it’s about time! What else is in store? Melanie and Nathan get out of jail, Hope tells Bo she’s leaving him and Brady and Arianna talk about their breakup. All this and more on the Preview from Denial Island.


Kate/Stefano: Kate’s in trouble up to her neck now that she’s holding Daniel captive, and with Chloe awake and ready to point the finger, she needs a higher power to help her out. A power higher than Victor? Well, he did tell her she was on her own, so it seems Kate has no alternative but to turn to the very man she rejected last week – Stefano. But you don’t get something for nothing when you’re dealing with a DiMera – and Stefano definitely wants something… her hand in marriage. The “happy event” goes ahead despite Philip’s pleas to reconsider, and Kate wakes up a newlywed but still fantasizing about Daniel.

Daniel/Chloe/Lucas: Do the star-crossed lovers make it back to each other? Yes they do!  Daniel manages to escape from Kate but before he's reunited with Chloe, Lucas finds him. Lucas throws a few punches and knocks the poor Doc unconscious. Chloe learns what happened and finds Daniel in his hospital room – it’s her voice that wakes him up.  Aww.  The two want to be together finally, but haven't forgotten about Chloe's legally binding marriage.  A calmer, or maybe more sober, Lucas tells Chloe they were only together because they were on the rebound and lets her go. Daniel wastes no time in asking Chloe to marry him and she accepts. Boozy Lucas heads off to rehab on Friday and will be off canvas for a bit. Good thing little Allie’s with John and Marlena with Lucas going and Sami in the convent.

EJ/Nicole: EJ confesses to Nicole that the only reason he married her was because of the baby, but Nicole doesn’t let that stop them from going on their honeymoon. But what of the video preview, and how come Rafe hasn’t told anyone yet that Nicole switched the babies? It’s a red herring – spoilers indicate this really happens next week. Sorry to disappoint.

Sami/Rafe: Rafe’s dead-fiance’s sister Meredith is back this week, and it looks like she’s the reason Sami is still in the dark about Sydney's true parentage by week’s end. Why? Meredith grabs/kidnaps Rafe. Why? No idea, but can she keep him please? Sami almost catches Meredith with Rafe, but that wouldn’t create any drama for next week, so Meredith gets away unnoticed.

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Nathan/Melanie/Philip: Both Nathan and Melanie get out of jail, but their budding attraction to each other does not go unnoticed by Philip. Is he jealous? Maybe, but he’s soon distracted by his mother’s impending marriage to Stefano. Melanie can’t decide who she wants to be with. For my part, I hope she picks Nathan.

In Other Storylines:

  • Bo learns Hope plans to leave Salem and take Ciara with her.
  • Will watches over Lucas after his drunken bender.
  • Arianna and Brady talk about their breakup.

Coming Up Next Week (Sep 28-Oct 2):

  • Rafe is missing (for good? Pretty please? Sorry Rafe fans).
  • EJ starts putting pieces together about Nicole and her miscarriage.
  • Melanie figures something out about Brady.

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts and don't forget to check out our DaysDaily Recaps by Susan!

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