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Jillian's B&B Spoilers

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Marcus: He's shocked when he finds out Justin is his father however, he still goes ahead with Eric's plan to adopt him.

Stephanie: La Forrester tries to keep her health problems hidden even though her symptoms begin to show in public.

Jackie/Steffy: Mrs. Knight finds out how close Owen and Steffy are, and realizes she may be a threat to her marriage. Jackie has a showdown with her and lets it be know she wants her to back off her husband.

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Bill/Katie: He lets her in on his plans to get Forrester Creations and how her skills will help. Katie issues a warning to Bill to back off, but he says something that just might convince Katie to join his plans to steal Forrester!

Meanwhile, Donna and Brooke try to warn their baby sister her man's playing her. Katie has a confrontation with Bill, leading her to reveal his plans to her family.