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From La Boulaie to the Isle of Lesbos on OLTL?!

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Who knew the "L" in the L Word really stood for Lord? Look for Dorian (Robin Strasser) to pull out all the stops in her efforts to win the Llanview mayoral race against Viki (Erika Slezak). According to  TV Guide Magazine , the Mistress of La Boulaie willpretend to be a lesbian and marry a woman to snag Llanview's same sex vote!


Here’s how it all comes down: Dorian and her archenemy Viki (Erika Slezak) are currently in a battle to become mayor of Llanview. When Dorian learns that the Llanview Gay and Lesbian Alliance is supporting Viki, she hatches a plan to win the LGLA vote by having her campaign manager-boyfriend David (Tuc Watkins) fake being gay. When David refuses to go along with the stunt, Dorian hires a new campaign manager, a calculating lesbian named Amelia (Tia Dionne Hodge). Soon after, Dorian holds a press conference and reveals she’s in love with Amelia and intends to marry her.

For more details on the story visit TV Guide Magazine.

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