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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maybe it was the tetanus shot I had today, but I actually quite enjoyed the episode. Sure, there were a couple or rough spots, but overall, I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Loved the Robin/Jason talk. That he went to her with questions and that she put him on the spot regarding what he would do when he finds out who hurt Michael. I’m hoping she gave him some food for thought.

Loved Dante calling out Olivia about her involvement with Johnny when she’s all about the mob being bad. I’m not sure that any of it stuck, but I was happy to hear it.

Loved Lulu taking Dante back to the hospital and Epiphany tearing a strip off of him.

I love that everyone with eyes (Anthony, Jason, us!) knows that Sonny going after Johnny is only because of Olivia’s involvement and his annoyance that she has the hots for someone hotter and younger.

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I wish Sonny would once listen to Jason and realize that maybe the brain damaged one is the one making all the sense.

Color me shocked that Claudia overheard what Sonny said. Unless it’s one of those cases where someone standing a foot away doesn’t hear.

Ronnie needs to learn what undercover means and stop bugging Dante while he’s recovering. He’s acting like Dante’s shirking his duties while recuperating from a car accident that happened “yesterday”.

I"m also shocked that Lulu found the badge, although I don’t understand why Ronnie didn’t grab it on his way out. It’s like he wants Dante to get caught.

I don’t understand Nikolas’ logic in paying Ethan to take Rebecca away. Why not just break up with Rebecca and save the money?

Liz clearly loves Lucky like a brother and isn’t in love with him like a lover. Why she’s scared to tell him that, I don’t understand.

And on a closing note, Anthony gives me the funny line of the day:

Anthony to Sonny: “I don’t know why women find you mysterious”

Me neither, Anthony, me neither.