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Y&R's Victor Newman, The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

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Victor Newman took three bullets from Mary Jane's gun on today's The Young and the Restless.  There is no small amount of irony in having Victor's weapon, Mary Jane, turn on him and pump him full of bullets.

The clueless Ashley packed up her belongings, amid protests by Adam, preparing to high tail it off the Newman ranch. Sometimes watching Ashley is like trying to watch a contestant on Wheel of Fortune who doesn't see the obvious letter(s) missing from the phrase, making you want to shout at the TV. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the Abbott family hovered in the hospital waiting to find out news about Colleen. When it came it wasn't good. Colleen might be brain dead.

The scenes between Paul and Mary Jane/Patty were outstanding. We discussed how Y&R might try to redeem Mary Jane after killing off an Abbott.  Whatever Y&R has in store for Mary Jane/Patty I hope it involves keeping Kitty Kitty around. That cat must be making bank.

Why are Victoria and Nick such wet-blanket Newman spawn? Sometimes I really wonder if they are actually Nikki and Victor's children. Adam behaves more like Victor than those two do. I wonder how happy Victor's profession of love for Nikki made Daytime Confidential's Jillian? I can just hear her say "Chapter."

Speaking of Adam, the boy is scrambling to keep his house of cards from tumbling down around him. He'd better be careful. Victor's lies just came crashing down  on him. Imagine what will happen when everyone finds out what Adam has done. Will Adam's new found freedom only mean he gets himself in more trouble?

Tomorrow on Y&R: Deacon Sharpe and Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell have something in common. That can't be good. Or maybe it could.

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