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General Hospital Spoilers!

Some quick hits on what’s coming up on GH. Here’s the Scoop! 09.23.09


More Mac? I always love it when John J. York gets a little more screen time. Of course with the Spixie almost nuptials he’ll be on and it looks like Maxie’s dad finally accepts Spinelli. He’s even impressed with the mob employee for realizing marriage isn’t the only answer for him and Maxie. But will Mac get a little storyline all of his own? It COULD be some very wishful thinking on the fan’s part but there are RUMORS that Mac helps Alexis get her job back as the DA and that this MAY lead to a possible romance for the pair.

I’m still not a fan of Nikolas and Elizabeth. I’m not sure why, it just doesn’t seem to work for me but there is more coming. Will they get caught? Elizabeth doesn’t want to hurt Lucky again and despite feeling he can finally move on, Nikolas knows Elizabeth is the one girl he can’t have.

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The Cassadines are finally getting that kick in the ass fans have been hoping for. Valentin and Mischa Cassadine hit town. Valentin is being played by former daytimer Matt Borlenghi who had a recent stint on Days but I remember him best as Brian on All My Children. Remember, Helena and Luke return soon as well. Are we convinced the Cassadine crew is really getting a good storyline? Remember the OLD RUMORS that Helena has Luke as her captive? That MAY have changed. Are the sworn enemies locked up together? That’s out there.

Claudia’s exit… Sarah Brown tweeted that her last day on the GH set will be October 9th. Just enough time to film some of sweeps. Will Claudia’s exit kick off sweeps? A secret reveal before she leaves perhaps? RUMOR has it that Claudia overhears a conversation where she learns that Dominic is Olivia’s son Dante. There is plenty of CHATTER that Claudia is leaving in a body bag.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Carly and Jax’s baby is coming. Is marital trouble following? Robin likes being a doctor by day and a detective by night. More karaoke. IS Rebecca Emily? I’m still seeing that MAY happen. Remember the promo from the carnival with Carly sitting at the fortune teller’s table? It never aired. Why? It MAY have had to do with Claudia and now that Sarah is out, it needed to be cut. With his wife exiting, where does Sonny go from here? We know they won’t leave him lady-less for long. Does this spell the end of JOlivia? RUMOR has those three all important words are spoken and Dominic isn’t happy about it. I like Johnny and Olivia; I just don’t see them with staying power. I can see Sonny and Olivia hooking up but if Carly and Jax are headed for trouble you all know what that COULD mean. Is there a Kate sighting coming? Another RUMOR about an old friend of Sam’s showing up.

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