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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



I love how in soap opera land, you can be getting married “tomorrow” yet not have a location picked out yet. What exactly did the invitations say? "Please join us for Maximiliana and Damian’s wedding, somewhere, we’ll let you know!"

What exactly is wrong with Ronnie? I’m fully expecting him to walk around tomorrow with a sandwich board around his neck in neon with the words, “Dominic is really Detective Dante Falconeri”. Idiot. And I call bull on the fact that Dante, supposedly, couldn’t get up and grab the badge from where Lulu left it, considering he traipsed across town to Mercy just the day before.

Why do they pull Matt out of mothballs every couple of months for some strange Mataxie scene? Wasn’t he just interested in Lulu at the carnival, which was about a week ago in PC time?

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And speaking of carnival, where the heck is Max? Why set up a story that he’s got some sort of spinal injury and then not show him again. And unless I missed it, neither Jason or Sonny have mentioned him either.

Claudia with baby fever is making me schizophrenic. I’m annoyed when she’s talking about it to Sonny and Johnny, yet, I did laugh when she made the comment in front of Carly and Olivia. Oy.

And speaking of Carly’s what with the long flowing maternal gowns they’ve got her in. Every time we see her she’s got some fancy, to the floor thing. Is it easier to attach a fake belly to it than pants and a top? It just bugs me everytime I see her in something like that.

Oh yeah, more annoying teenage boys to bother Micheal. Like Kiefer wasn’t enough. And I wish Micheal had told JaSam that Kiefer basically has Kristina on a leash. And speaking of Sam, I’m surprised she’s not in the wedding party, considering she works with the groom and is one of only two friends the bride has. I’m assuming Robin is the maid of honour, so that leaves Lulu out as well.

Loved everything Mac/Robin, Patrick/Robin and Maxie/Robin. I just wish there was more of them and less Sonny.