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Jill Larson on L.A. Move: "I Was Really Stunned"


Jill Larson visits with Michael Fairman in an interview at the about All My Children's move to L.A., Opal and her career.


What was your reaction when you found out AMC was picking up and taking the show to Los Angeles?

I was really stunned! I knew there was some gossip going on around the stage before it happened. Everyone was saying, “Oh, they could never do that,” because all these people would never move to L.A. and disrupt their lives. We were all called in and within a minute of it happening, we all gathered in the studio for The View. ABC Daytime president Brian Frons said, “We are not canceling the show,” and everyone cheered. “But, we are moving it to L.A.,” and there was this stunned silence! I think people were in shock and trying to sort out what it means to them personally. I can understand that Brian said we have this great studio out there that is all set up for HD, and so forth, and twice as much space in terms of square feet than we have now, and will cost considerably less than what we pay now. It’s hard to argue that in times like these, when these shows are in such peril anyway. Brian went on to say he felt that there is a real indicator that Disney was committed to the show. They would not be making a move like this if they were not still investing in the show.

Photo Credit: ABC

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