General Hospital: Perkie's observations



Claudia drives me crazy. Johnny has told her time and time again how much he hated growing up as a Zachara and that he inherited the business that he doesn't want and yet here she is, perfectly willing to get pregnant with the mob heir and doesn't see how crazy that is. Not to mention sexist, since she only said "if it was a boy". So if it's a girl, she'd probably end up treating her the same way Papa Z treated Claudia, as unimportant. Crazy.

Loved that Mac is still so upset about Spinelli and the fact that he doesn't want his daughter to marry a criminal. And as much as I love Scrubs, it does bother me that they don't agree, or acknowledge that side of Spinelli. Having said that, I wish this was a real, grand soap style wedding like we used to watch, with Robin and Sam as bridesmaids and baby Emma as flower girl.

Nice seeing hottie Father Coates, but he needs a bit of a trim!

Color me shocked that Spinelli overheard the Maxie/Jason conversation. I actually gasped out loud and then rewound just so that I would know the exact words he overheard.

I found it interesting that Jax grabbed the badge and then confronted Dante, but I could have lived without him giving Dante an ultimatum regarding taking Sonny down. First Ronnie, than Olivia, now Jax. Poor Dante's getting it from all sides.

I liked the Michael/Carly scene, but it bothers me that he now thinks all of his memories are false.