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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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Kay/Jill: The grand dame offers her rival a job with Chancellor Industries.


Billy: He tries to do a good thing.

Nikki: She sticks up for Victor when she goes head-to-head against the Abbotts.

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Adam: He does Ashley's bidding.

Victor/Nikki/Abbotts: A brain dead Colleen is removed from life support, devastating the entire Abbott family. Doctors recommend to Traci her daughter's organs should be donated. The Newman clan find out Victor needs a new heart in order to survive and Nikki asks the grieving family to see if Colleen's heart can be given to her ex if they are both matches. The Abbotts are blazing mad she would even ask them such a thing, given the reason why Colleen's dead, but Jack and Billy are hell bent on not doing so.

Later old Smilin' Jack and Nikki have a chat regarding Victor and how his children are scared for him. Jack suggests to Traci that Colleen's heart should be given to his nemesis after "John" has a chat with him. The siblings agree and has the hospital see if she and Victor are a match. Meanwhile, the Black Knight and Nikki have a heart-to-heart with him admitting he still has feelings for her (YEAH BABY!).

Adam/Sharon/Ashley: Seeing Nikki alive and well rattles the current Mrs. Newman. Ashley believed she really killed her and seeing her makes her start to doubt her sanity. She checks herself into the the same psych facility Sharon's in, with Colleen's death and Victor turning for the worse after their conversation. Dr. Taylor checks her out and tells her "the baby's" doing okay. Adam swings by the hospital to lend her some support and at the same time Sharon goes into early labor. The dastardly doctor henchman has a nurse tend to her while he calls an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Adam tells him Ashley's about to go into labor and he needs to tend to her. While this goes on he pulls the fire alarm and decides to give her baby to Ashley and have his former sister-in-law believe she lost her baby! Ashley's drugged while he "assists" her in labor. Sharon passes out while giving birth to Faith and when she comes to, she's told her baby girl died. She buys it and when Nick shows up, she tells him their daughter passed away. The two want to see their baby, but Dr. Taylor convinces them not do and to have her cremated. Ashley starts to wonder if there is a baby when Adam gives her Faith, claiming its his new baby sister Hope. He and Taylor work overtime to stop her from being checked out by another doctor in order to cover their tracks.